Monday, June 27, 2011


June was a bit of a challenge for That's Women's Work Arts Network, with the highlight being having this blog frozen for indecent/ harmful content. We spoke and it seems the world noticed! Funny how speaking our mind can still scare some folks. Mary Breen and Alex Hickey your anarchist thoughts of crafting and getting over rejectionn shook the world. Congrats!

Red tape galore but worked through that.. and wouldn't you know it happened right during our guest blogger party?

That's Women's Work will be closed June 27th (today) until July 9th for me, Michelle, to get married.

When I return we'll sort it all out and ensure everyone gets an opportunity to post at a time that is best for them. Until then I'm in the land of dial-up and won't be available for emails.

Here's hoping that this gets posted and all of you will be able to read it!


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