Friday, May 27, 2011

URGENT Toronto city survey forward far and wide asap!

Toronto Survey- You fill out and submit to ensure services win over cuts! More info below on public meetings!

Register online ( to attend a free information session on's Citizen's Guide to the City of Toronto's Core Service's Review.

With an anticipated 2012 budget gap of almost $800 million, Toronto is headed toward deep cuts to vital services, drastically changing the face of our city. There is no time to waste – we need everyone to speak out to protect our city.

The City of Toronto is embarking on three major ‘reviews.’ The Core Services Review (to identify what services are “core” and what can be cut), the User Fee Review (to identify how to make users pay the full cost of services they use) and the “Service Efficiency Studies (to identify which city functions could be privatized, delivered differently). The results of these will determine what services are delivered by the city, how they ard delivered, and who pays for them.

These three reviews are taking place over the next few months, with limited opportunities for public consultation. The Consultation process has just been released. You can check it out here.

‘One Toronto’ is developing a “Citizens Guide” to these initiatives and the consultation processes related to them, and will be conducting a number of information sessions on them over the next three weeks.

The last two sessions are scheduled for:

Tuesday, May 24, 7:00-9:00 PM, Labour Council (15 Gervais Drive, 4th Floor)

Tuesday, May 24, 7:00-9:00 PM, Birchwood Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre (93 Birchmount Road, Scarborough)

All sessions are FREE.

These sessions will be of interest to anyone interested in participating in the consultation process as an individual, as part of an organization, or in promoting engagement and dialogue in your community. They will focus on the fiscal and political context for the consultations, the consultations themselves, and the ways in which individuals and communities can be effectively engaged in the process.

You can register online at or by phone by calling Mary Micallef at 416-351-0095 x 251.


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