Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Forward widely!

Frontline workers - we're busy getting other people's lives in order but our own financial situations may be falling apart.
· Our taxes may not be paid - maybe for years.
· We can't imagine ourselves with having enough money
· or even having money to spare
· We turn pale when the conversation turns to numbers

If you relate to any of the above then this workshop series is for YOU!
Frontline Workers: Get Your Dollar$ In Order
Free FPYN Workshop Series at our new location - 720 Bathurst St. (just south of Bloor)
2nd Floor Meeting Room. All workshops held from 6-8pm - RSVP required

1. THIS Thursday February 3 - Enough in the R.E.A.L.M. of Money

Facilitated by Amanda Mills of Artbooks and Loose Change:

***RSVP by Wednesday February 2nd - 8pm to

In this session we will be talking about the following questions:What does money mean to you? What strengths do you bring to your money practice? What is enough - for you?

Facilitator Bio: Amanda Mills, founder of Loose Change, has 20 years experience as a management consultant for small business and the arts. She is also is a Certified Financial Counsellor, a tax professional, a financial trouble-shooter, crisis counselor and co-author of a best selling book on trauma.

2. Thursday February 10, 2011 Ritual for everyday life: setting intentions and creating prosperity Facilitated by Jamiena Shah***RSVP by Monday February 7th to

How do you set intentions for yourself and actualize them in a practical way? Join Jamiena as she shares the steps to making your intentions real by creating, actualizing and grounding ritual for everyday life. Please RSVP to as an email and what to bring will follow.

Facilitator Bio: Jamiena Shah feels very strongly about working and supporting social change initiatives and community/ capacity building both locally and abroad. She has over five years of management and communications experience with community-based organizations based in Canada, The United States, Brazil, Israel, Japan and India. She recently completed a one-year contract, working with Women of Vision, a non-profit peace organization based in Boulder, Colorado. She successfully co-organized and implemented an interactive art-therapy multimedia event and a 5-day peace conference in Nahariya, Israel, focusing on new and innovative ways to heal conflict and implement initiatives in peace-building among 150 Jewish and Arab women leaders living in Israel.

3. Thursday February 17, 2011- Planning Your Financial Future

Facilitated by Dimitris Stubos:***RSVP by Monday February 14th

Facilitator Bio: Dimitris Stubos has always been interested in helping his clients to better understand, manage and utilize their money. For the last three years he operated Base Nine Financial - an accounting firm that specialized in serving the Arts and Non-profit communities. Today, as a consultant with Investors Group he lends his accounting experience to the process of comprehensive financial planning.

4. Thursday February 24, 2011- Getting Conscious About Abundance

Facilitated by Amy Johnson: ***RSVP by Monday February 21st

For the last evening of the prosperity series Amy will lead some simple exercises, share some insights about abundance and money that she's gained through her healing work, she will also energy-read questions from participants (can be general or specific and personal) on the topic of prosperity. Think about what you would like to understand about prosperity in your own life, and come and pose your questions! Please bring a pen and paper.

Facilitator Bio: Amy Johnson is a counsellor, coach and consultant who uses her highly developed intuitive healing skills to support people in consciously creating abundant lives.

**For Questions: contact Clarissa Chandler, Sector Support if you have any questions at

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