Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resource Alert! Free also spirtuality and $- what do you think?


This is a very interesting line up of folks, My biggest interest is in Tashka Yawanawa.

I'm skeptical- always, especially when spirituality and money are connected. The concept of my soul as a marketable commodity scares me.

These are folks I should technically feel are a piece of the puzzle,that I should be shouting from the roof tops over.
So why am I so skeptical?
Ethical and social commerce should cross paths with spirituality/ nature/ community/ social responsibility/ outreach etc. Shouldn't it? Or is their a need for separation of church and state, religion and politics, the personal and the political to be divided?

I think that an inclusive/ anti-oppression analysis maybe a missing piece? Does spiritual equal equitable and accessible?

How do folks feel about money and spirituality?Is this the answer, an answer, part of the answer? Let's chat!


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