Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opening up TWWAN to helpers, volunteers and owners

I've been trying to process the first arts jury/ volunteer meetings that happened at my home on Sunday. For a year the research and development and planning of TWWAN has been done only by me supported by dear friends and family. It's been lonely, sometimes all consuming and frustrating.

On Sunday women came out and it was amazing.I am always touched when women in the city volunteer their time as we are so busy, juggling so much, working so hard. And volunteers with children I'm amazed they can find a spare minute in their day and that they are giving that time to me! I feel so thankful.

I had chatted with a few of the volunteers when another volunteer had arrived. I went into the kitchen to prepare tea when the volunteers began chatting with the new arrival, sharing what we had spoken about, my vision was being shared right there in my livingroom.

As the meeting emerged beautiful things happened women shared their struggles, their excitement and at the end of only two hours I felt as though the group had taken on ownership of the the org. They were excited about TWWAN email addresses and took their place in the org so smoothly so fluidly.

Just like that, I'm not alone anymore.

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