Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One year Anniversary!

I'm not the best at reflection. But wow what a crazy ride my first year has been! I couldn't have done it without the support of Dianne, Elvia, Caro, Deb, Wendy, Erika and Carey as my front line supports.

I also thank everyone who supported events and came out in the very beginning and is still supporting TWWAN now from yard sale donations to donations of products.
Also thank you to the Street Knit Crew for all the support with the world record attempt.

Thank you so much to our generous performers: Beverely Taft, D'Lishus, Alexandra Dallas, Alex Hickey, Erika Werry- Wes Neal and Macell Aucoin, Amy Medvick, Carey West, and all of you lovely magik makers.

Also to folks who took huge risks at our open mic nights- The next will be January 27th 7-9pm (plug, plug)

My biggest thanks goes to Mary Breen who has been so amazingly supportive, kind and generous with her space and time. She has modeled how to earn a living and truly support community but she is really hard to buy a thank-you gift for since she operates a store full of beautiful gifts:0) Any suggestions?

To year two,

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