Monday, January 3, 2011

new year- nearly one year of blogging!

Januray 11th 2010 it started with market research and self employment.

Now I'm in the midst of recruiting volunteers and jury members, creating a co-op space to ensure Women's Work can sustain itself and I'm bringing along others, hopefully up to 10 other small bizes or non profits with the direction and dedication of Ms. Keily Keiley.
Growth has been slow and sometimes painful, often mind blowing and always what I least expected. I'm not one for sentiment....

My next entries will be about
-the formation of my jury and the jury process we grow and develop as a group
-bringing others on board, working with others after a year of solitary development on the project
-bringing students on board
-creating a call for arts with the jury
-planning our next year
-researching the structures of co-ops and collectives as part of another project that will support TWW as well as local businesses
-figuring out insurance- once and for all
-creating a space with little/ no budget
-funding and fundraising (which I sorta suck at, this exact time and minute)
-taking help and guidance on fundraising and funding

I'm trying to decide if I should create a new blog and let this be it's own complete thing- one year done or keep adding to it?

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