Friday, January 7, 2011

consensus- trying to rent a video with more than two people or building a social movement

First maybe so you know where I am coming from I'll give you a little background.
1) TWWAN will soon be having a large group meeting of our jury members. It will be the first meeting, many (most?) of the attendees won't know each other. At the meeting we will have to make decisions on the full gamut of stuff from the submission process through to how work will be selected.

2) I'm reading- always dangerous!
Consensus- A new Handbook for Grass Roots Social, Political and environmental Groups- by Peter Gelderloos- 2006- A structured used by Food not Bombs

Here Comes Everybody- The Power of Organizing without Organizations-Clay Shirky-2008

The Global Activists Manual - Local Ways to Change the World-Mike Prokosch, Laura Raymond, Naomi Klein- 2002

Doing Democracy- The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements- Bill Moyer, Joann McAllisterr, Mary Lou Finlay, Steven Soifer- 2001

Tooo much education I think may be the real issue
*Should I have someone else to direct the meeting so that I am a participant and not in a power position- is power an issue or is a leader required?
  As the Director is power already implied?
What if I completely disagree with a group decision or it goes against the mandate that I have created for TWWAN?
Art is pretty volatile how far can we push? Can we set up boundaries of no sexism, racism etc. can it be so clear cut, what if an artist explorers these concepts n their work? Then is it censorship or oppression?

I need to turn off my brain........


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