Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will you take the blue pill or the red pill, drink the kool-aid, let them eat cake!

Okay not sure how cake fits in but it's the holidays and I really love cake.... Any ways, TWWAN is facing a dilemma, soon we'll have a fundraising committee and I'll have many talented amazing women to ask for advice but now it's just me. I'm excited for discussions with others and yes even heated ones!

The problem is this......
Campaign's such as this, where a creepy company gives away funds to a non-profit, small woman based start-up or targets marginalized people and their need for funding and support.
In exchange for our soul... oops I mean your picture on an Alesse ad!
Everyone is doing it it seems from Walmart to Pepsi.

The Alesse site has a sign-up section, a share with your friends section, and neither had any info that I could find about personal information from this contest being shared with other agencies, for Alesse's own promotion or to sell to third parties. So I wonder how much are they making off of women's personal information, enough to cover a mere $5000.00 prize?Hell ya!

Do me and my non-profit org want to be the face of this re branding of capitalism? That's easy No, NO, I DON'T!

But wait is it that easy in a time of cut backs, fewer grants, fewer dollars for personal donations. Do I smile and hold the pepsi (which in University I began boycotting because of their "use" of East Timorese labour force) in order for women to have a gallery and start earning a living wage.

Do I fill out the simplest grant application ever (The Alesse grant) in my sleep, even though I know the history of developing nations women and the terrible experimentation for first world women?
I don't use birth control, it fucks up my body, it makes me an emotional wreak, the delicate eco-system of Michelle simply can't handle it. Do I pretend for the sake of others? Capitalism is so corrupt, have does one work with money and stay clean, moral and ethical? As as a privileged woman who can contemplate this moral divide and decide not to take money I know I'm truly lucky, but what about groups, clubs or orgs that have no other choice? What happens when capitalism hides in the disguise of socialism? What happens when our non-profits are being directed by capitalism in their missions, objectives and the services they deliver? Will it still be such a party in celebration of women, of transwomen? I'm scared!

So again back to the moral high ground, the empty moral high ground with no gallery and no services for women. Is there a middle ground? 

Broke but morally rich! Lucky me!

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