Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talk about a woman at work! Tracey TieF workshops would make amazing gifts for that hard to buy for person:0)

In the newsletter almost everything was a link, my appoligises it didn't seem to transfere. Check out her website at for more info.

Don't forgot to shop local this holiday season,

EVENTS: Love Lab, Soap, Non Toxic Living, Emergency Gift Making, Incense and Perfume, Workshops and Events HOLIDAY FAIRS: Gingerbread Fair, Holiday Art Market, Whimsical Winter Craft Fair & Silent Auction, Dufferin Winter Fair (Come by and save the 13% Tax!)

SPECIALS: Holiday Gift Sets and Specials FREE WORKSHOP for you! Holiday Workshop Promo! DIY and Wholesale Sale! Up To 50% Off! TESTIMONIAL of The Month: Independent Research Group Rates Anarres One of the Safest Manufacturers in the World! Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database (When medical grade alcohol is your ingredient of greatest concern, you feel proud to be noticed!)

NEWS: Essential Oils, Tub Truffles, Hemp Oil! New for December! Thanks and Photos from my trip with the Caravan to Close the School of the Americas

Coming Soon! Rogers TV "shoots" feature on at Anarres and Learns to Make Lotion from Scratch!

BONUS ARTICLE: Homemade Broth: Devil or Angel?

Be the Change You Want To See in the World ACTION ALERT:

Buy the 2011 Bicycle Calendar to support Cyclo Nord Sud and Bike Lanes on Bloor Campaign

Want Alternative Health Care Covered by Insurance and OHIP? The Process Starts Here

As The Harper "Government" Embarrasses The Intelligent Canadian Public At The Cancun Climate Talks, Join the Canadian Alliance for Petroleum Peddlers in thanking the delegates for doing nothing. Gracias Por Nada

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