Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Call for submissions! Femme paperdoll zine

Femme Paperdolls- Call for Submissions!!!.by Taueret Manu on Monday, November 29, 2010 at 2:17pm.Hey Ferocious Folk!
I am in the process of creating a femme paperdoll zine. I want to immortalize you and your style in all of your femme-gendered fabulousity.

This project will be Femme of Color-centered (What does this mean? It means that FOCs will not be othered! The majority of dolls with be of Color), slutty (want your paperdoll to be naked with just a couple of leather strips and sequined bits as clothes, GREAT!), and all about the amazing style that runs free in our Femmetopia!!!

I want fat bodies, not-fat bodies, grrl bodies, boy bodies, trans bodies, crip bodies. High-end fashion, DIY fashion, stripper shoes, vintage flair, b-grrl realness. Everything in between.

What do submissions look like? Send me clear full body pictures and pictures of your fave outfits, pieces of clothes, and accessories. They can be photos or drawn. But photos are fine! Send me written pieces about your favorite style tips, how you shop, thrifting for fat femmes, your favorite stores, makeup tips for Femmes of Color, body liberation through fashion, and other great things.

The deadline for submissions is February 14th, as I want to get this published by my birthday (release party anybody?!!!).
Please share all over the internet!

OHHH this project is so exciting! Be sure to send something in!
Michelle van Looy

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