Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working for free--- oppps I mean volunteering:0(

 We are called That's Women's Work, not that's women making no money and falling further behind... so do you see the pressure:0) I have been outspoken for years about volunteering as I have logged hundreds maybe thousands of volunteer hours which resulted in very little. I realise that there where holes- I didn't let folks know what skills I had, what skills I hoped to build, who I would like to shadow and the importance of meeting the leaders of their agencies/ businesses to network and build relationships. I'll do my best to be sure that happens for my volunteers.

It's idealistic- but who the hell cares, I'm dreaming big and (insert every other cliches that exists here) _____________.

What I want to figure out how to provide for That's Women's Work volunteers...
1) Transportation to and form
2)Child-care during volunteer times
3)Food at volunteer sessions
4)Transferable skills that actually lead to employment
5)Skill matching with the volunteer's background and qualifications
6)Networks, community and support
7)A mentoring program beyond That's Women's Work- a connection to individual contacts in city agencies and community resources.

Hhhhmm, Again nice small tasks to work out in a day or two. Also again with no money....

What I've read to date....
A Research Project for Volunteer Victoria
Researcher: Wendy Barbulak, BA, BSW
January 2003

Immigrant Women as Volunteers: Benefits for Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations
 Fay Fletcher, Blythe Campbell, Jeneane Fast
Changing Together… A Centre for Immigrant Women

Can volunteer work help me get a job in my field?": On learning, immigration and labour markets
Daniel Schugurensky, Bonnie Slade and Yang Luo
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education / University of Toronto

If volunteer management makes you happy drop me a line and we can chat over coffee!
Happy Sunday,

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