Thursday, November 11, 2010

Research again? Yup research again..

I have been deep in the books, reading about what fundraising looks like, how it works, what letters look like and the rest...
Judy from Judy's Booty has offered to help and we also got an amazing donation of a one year donation of access to the Imagine Canada Directory and lovely helpful folks who want to talk over coffee and help!
Been reading the How-to-manual from Imagine Canada 72 pages via the computer- text reader- the automated computer voice, hard to listen to but much better than just reading. It's called Natural Reader and I'm using the free demo........ I wish it had a James Earl Jones option:0)

Very soon putting out a call for volunteers.. worried that no one will come, that no one is interested... just plain old worried........folks have so little time will anyone actually volunteer? Worried.... worried.....worried


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