Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a protestant construction worker walks up to an irish girl with a stack of books....

Okay so it sounds sorta like the first line for a joke but.... On my way home from the library today I had a very large stack of books. One of the books fell from my pile. A construction worker came over to help me re-sort them, it was a very nice old-timey gesture. The book fundraising for non-profits lay on the ground between us.. (now a very brief re-en-actment of the occurance) Him: What are you fundraising for... Me: I tell him... Him: Then he tells me he is part of a protestant men's group that likes to give money away... Me:To a women's art organization?... Him: Hell ya... Me: Wow....... Me: Really? Him:Ya Him- Also suggested a few other area orgs to approach. Amazing day, what a great book! It helped me fund-raise and I didn't even open it! Have I become so entrenched in women's issues that I don't think to look into the larger community for assistance? hmmmm. What sort of parameters do we have to establish around groups we'll accept funding from? Do we accept money as long as there are no parameters on us? Hmmm. so much to think about would love to hear your feed back!

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