Monday, October 11, 2010

Covering my ass

Hmm I think covering my ass may have been a previous blog title? 5 days till our biggest day to date- a brunch, a huge artists and artisans sale (commonly referred to as a craft sale;0), the launch of the Angel Investors- selling images of area angels for donations (see to the left for an example) and a place at YIMBY- Which stands for Yes In My Back Yard! How could I resist? This is the first time I'll have employees, I'm freaked out.... They are friends I love so it's even harder as I want to pay them what they are worth and appreciate them through cash expressions! Some much coming in but so much going out at the same time. As a non spender all this cash is making me nauseous. I'm hoping the worst case scenario is break even. My sweetest, hard ass, from a giant family, used to be an investment banker turned dancer, who could freakin well turn into any amazing thing at any moment (best to stand back folks!) friend is manging the money and doing such an incredible job of keeping it all realistic and on track. What an amazing balance to my flitting, non linear self, hell ya I'm aware! Balance- I just hope the heels of her running shoes aren't worn out by weeks end from putting on the breaks and keeping me in line. I can't imagine doing this without my amazing supports. Good, no great friends know me, really know me, my strengths and weaknesses and care to work with them and let's face it around, over and through them! The work women do constantly amazes me!My friends constantly amaze me! I'm worried I might get too busy to thank my dearest friend Di so I'll do it now.... Thank you for taking a risk on me;0) I am graced and honored. Big sloppy thanks to Elvia as well who will be the rep at YIMBY. It's so amazing that, that is so off my radar I am so unconcerned having Elvia out representing (oh goodness hope you could follow that thought!). I hope others see her and her amazing power. Elvia will take over the world some day- just wait;0) Actually she's working at it right now! Not sure if I'll get to check in before Saturday. If you can't attend, at around 12:05 on Saturday if you could duc and cover for a few minutes I would appreciate it!LOL. It's not worry, it's fun,right? Michelle

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  1. Oh yes angel images will also be available online for sale but not unti November with a big kick off party on Nov. 13th, which is a saturday, PHEW! at Wise Daughter's CRaft Market. Talk about support Mary is a-mazing! Stay tuned and sleep for me if you can.