Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P.s. Pay Pal I hate you!

This piece of clip art is my life! ((((((Dramatic music here)))) Okay so I'm a grown up business woman and this is just a bump, I need to be professional, but I just want to stomp my feet, slam the cupboard doors, swear, curse and cuss and give people on the subway dirty looks for no reason. But the simple setting up process that is to be friendly has been a super pain in the tucas. I would advise to give 3-4 weeks to set up a pal pay account for a non-profit if you hope to use it for an event, plan very far ahead. It has been harder than setting up a bank account which was a lovely experience at Alterna Credit Union- shout out to Joanna! Heyy grrl! Pay Pal You have neither been my pal nor have you been my pay..... two weeks and the frustration of not having access to my account is beyond unbelievable! The communication is very poor and the stock response of please wait 24-72 hours has been used so many times, usually in response to not receiving a reply........... so you're getting where I'm coming from right? This is bad business and I am not sure what to do, STUCK, STUCK, STUCK can't close the account, can't access the funds in the account, can't let folks know I have received their payment or send an invoice, can't move the funds, can't can't can't....... Waiting for COMPLIANCE(seriously the name of the department)..... I have never been one to comply, maybe that's my problem? Held up by "Limitations & Restrictions"(again, seriously the name of the department) , anyone want to be my "aggressively collecting our funds" department? Or "the department of women rescueing their funds from beaucrats", or the department of $%$£ *(&^ %!" $&!"£"....... you name it and I can create it, that's one thing I have control over....... LOL.

P.s. Pay pal I hate you- (((((((((( stomping away)))))))))))

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

pissed off! Women's Work is Never Done!

with huge Thanks to Dr. Christiane Northrup ~ Internationally known for her empowering approach to women's health and wellness, i had the opportunity yesterday via facebook to be view http://www.owningpink.com/blogs/owning-pink/want-raise-wash-your-vagina. Dr. Christiane Northrup's colleague Dr. Lissa Rankin is the author of this blog where she exposes and rants about an ad for a 'female product' by Summer's Eve which was offered as the 1st of a number of tips to help women Get a Raise in a magazine called Woman's Day! bizarre, can you believe it? Summer's Eve has a toll free number 866.787.6383 and the magazine can be googled and contacted. i find it outrageous that a so-called woman's magazine would include an advertisement that would suggest to women that if they cleaned up their pussy with a floral scented lysol type product they would get a raise! it astounds me! the women on facebook were writing comments to Dr. C. Northrup on her page and i was advising the women to take their rage directly to the product manufacturer and the magazine! who could imagine these things as synonymous, truly!!
with many thanks to Michelle for new bloggers here...
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