Monday, August 23, 2010

Who's in charge here?

LOL ok so I agreed to change dates with a blogger and then you won't believe this I forgot to blog...... Yup, so I'm posting today, guest blogger of the day I hope my prompt posting sits okay with you! I'm doing something a little crazy- I'm posting poetry. For me poetry is like dentistry something that should be left to the professionals, but here I go my first public poetry-ing..... Thank you to all the brave bloggers who have shown their lives, their arts and their experiences out in the light for all to see, truly my deepest thank you. Honored and touched by your trust.....
Okay the poetry......Let's never speak of this again, lol Michelle van Looy- That's Women's Work ---------------------------------------------- I wish for one minute that I or no one else would have to explain, and that the forms with those god damn check boxes of F  or M ™ could be replaced,
with nothing. I wish that for one minute I wouldn’t have to pull out a bio of past lovers to confirm my status within your eyes, your permission of how I can identify in your parade. I wish for one minute I could block out all the shit the media tells me about my body and love the bumps and veins and curves like this body deserves, instead of Having to Pretend Sometimes. I wish for one minute that I could tell my friends of their beauty And Strength and Power And that they could hear and for one minute breath It in (take deep breathe) I wish for one minute the words nervous break down would disappear from our vernacular and that we would know as women that it is Just Hysteria Redressed, repackaged for a new generation. I wish that for one minute the stats could collapse and 1 in 4 would be no more I wish for one minute the balance would be restored that my body wouldn’t be a testing ground for meds and treatments funded by the biggest pockets and worst intentions I wish for one minute that nature and science could align that I could fill a prescription for sunshine, in February. I wish that the fault the blame the shame could disappear and that the clarity would tell my gut, my body and my brain, It Was Not Your Fault and I’d believe it, for one minute. I wish for one minute that I could feel safe at night alone, in bed in my home, with a heavy crash heard and I would roll over and go to sleep, cause it was probably nothing. I wish for one minute the police would declare marshal matriarchy amongst themselves, their motives, their intentions resulting in imprisonment, Leaving the women in charge (laughs the good ones, of course the ones who get it) I wish that for one minute this city would acknowledge
that childhood is cheaper than cold cells that they are growing child soldiers within our system and that for some there is no other choice for survival but the bullet
ironic, because We created it that way. I wish for one minute the media could tell the truth take off the political and capitalist Lens and report what is really happening out here. I wish for one minute that all the shit I buy didn’t drip in blood and sweat of children and women , harvested from raw hands and that I could be aware of all and powerful enough to halt it. I wish for one minute, one minute per year, one minute per month, one minute per week, one minute per day, one minute per hour I wish for Just one minute.


  1. I love the poem. You should be proud. It takes a lot of courage to post your words in a public forum.