Wednesday, September 1, 2010

pissed off! Women's Work is Never Done!

with huge Thanks to Dr. Christiane Northrup ~ Internationally known for her empowering approach to women's health and wellness, i had the opportunity yesterday via facebook to be view Dr. Christiane Northrup's colleague Dr. Lissa Rankin is the author of this blog where she exposes and rants about an ad for a 'female product' by Summer's Eve which was offered as the 1st of a number of tips to help women Get a Raise in a magazine called Woman's Day! bizarre, can you believe it? Summer's Eve has a toll free number 866.787.6383 and the magazine can be googled and contacted. i find it outrageous that a so-called woman's magazine would include an advertisement that would suggest to women that if they cleaned up their pussy with a floral scented lysol type product they would get a raise! it astounds me! the women on facebook were writing comments to Dr. C. Northrup on her page and i was advising the women to take their rage directly to the product manufacturer and the magazine! who could imagine these things as synonymous, truly!!
with many thanks to Michelle for new bloggers here...
candace wagman

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  1. Okay super personal but important. I had a previous partner(very short-term) who insisted that, his previous partner smelled and tasted exactly like mango (down there).

    I told this person it was impossible and the partners response was that she was south american.. This was a grown up adult! I had suggested that she was using a product or perchance a mango and it was unbelievable to them...... Can you imagine?