Monday, August 9, 2010

On "Mother-ing"

I'm taking this one right from my own blog. Although it's not obviously related to my business, my work as an Energy Therapist and Life Coach reflects everything that goes on in my personal life. If I'm a good coach/therapist (and I think I am, most of the time :) ), it's largely because of the relationships I've had and what I've learned from personal experiences. And as you'll see, this story IS an example of Bust to Boom! "Wednesday July 14th: I FINALLY take the morning off that I’ve been promising myself. Walk to the Beach. Lie in the sun reading “light “novel. When I’m hot enough, I brave the algae in Lake Ontario and swim leisurely along the shoreline. I’m aware of the green floating bits around me, but not really bothered by them. The water feels soothing, supportive. I haven’t swum in ages, so tire fairly quickly, return to the shore. Walking home (mid-afternoon), I realize I’m having trouble remembering the simplest things. What day is it? Do I have any clients booked for this evening? I really have no idea. It’s like my head is suddenly empty. I put it down to the fact that I’ve been carrying a pretty heavy load for awhile and that I’ve finally taken some time to relax. Get home, check phone messages. My son-in-law Chris has called, asking me to come to Markham to take care of my four-year-old grand-daughter. It seems that my daughter is about to give birth to her second baby(one month earlier than her due date). I try to reach Chris on his cell-phone, can’t get through. Decide to find a cab to drive me to Markham. Get a call from my daughter-in-law saying that Chris has called her, and she's on her way to pick me up. I’m more than a little freaked out at this point, sensing that something is "wrong" and overwhelmed by primal instinct to get to my child. My daughter-in-law Maria and I head out to Markham, getting stuck in traffic, making a wrong turn, encountering an “accident”. And NONE of the cell phones is working. (Apparently some kind of signal went out that afternoon because of a solar wind). When we get to the hospital (after an eternity) we find my grand-daughter being cared for by a lovely “Child Specialist”. My daughter has just had an emergency C-section. And my little grandson James is in the Special Care Nursery, having been resuscitated at birth. He’ll be heading to Sick Kids’ Hospital, where a higher level of medical intervention and support awaits. Sometime later, when it feels safe to do so, I realize that I very nearly lost my daughter and her little son. No crying, until I leave her room. It’s my job to give her as much strength as I can. I call my youngest daughter and give in to the tears. I did NOT realize how absolutely terrified I 'd been. The fear is quickly replaced by gratitude. This lovely baby, whose purpose is yet to be revealed, is HERE. He’s chosen to live, to respond to the medical intervention that he’s been offered. And my own child is still here. I offer a prayer of profound thanks. Sixteen days later: Feels like months (maybe eons) later. We’ve all taken turns sitting beside him, stroking him, talking to him, singing to him. We offer prayers (Christian, Native, whomever we pray to) and Energy work. My daughter holds her son, amid the tangle of tubes and wires attached to his arms, legs and head. Soon, we all get a chance to hold him and the technology that's delivering food and air to his little body becomes less intimidating. The medical folks give him everything they’ve got (including huge doses of compassion). One day he opens his eyes and looks around. He breathes for the first time on his own. Is gradually weaned from medical support. Takes his first bottle-and finally, like he’d been waiting SO long for this; he drinks from his mommy’s breast! Today, July 30th 2010, little James is at home. I am so madly, deeply in love with him, my feelings astound me. There’s been so much obvious love and nurturing in and around our family since he arrived. So much “mother-ing”. SO much to be thankful for." Sue Burness, Woman, Mother, Grandmother, Energy Therapist/Life Coach

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