Sunday, August 22, 2010

Krista Cousins

Moving from Prince Edward Island to Toronto one year ago to be with my partner, Armand, was one of the biggest decisions of my young life. A leap that, initially, proved rather difficult. The first few months I was kept relatively busy by spending my days occupied with the task of arranging our new home; a big job for such a unique space. But once the last books were on the shelves... there wasn't much for me to do. I didn't really know anyone in the city and I was next to broke from moving. And sure, it's possible to have fun for free, but really, you have to know where to look. So I spent time looking for a job, making jewellery and being more or less miserable from 10-6 when my hubby was at work. Admittedly I didn't make much of an effort to explore for many reasons, the main one being my loneliness. Finally I got a job. I met some fantastic people but no one I could directly relate to. Don't get me wrong, I adored them, I was just so much older and in a different place in my life. After Christmas my job was over and I was basically back where I had started. I had become friends with Armand's friends but obviously these boys were not friends I would hang out with on my own. Eventually Armand introduced me to Katherine Toms because she had been telling him about the That's Women's Work craft sale and her and I had both signed up. (My first and a great success!) I was excited about the idea of being involved in something so amazing during its infancy. It sounded like just the sort of thing I'd been longing to be a part of, so when the open mic was held at Alternative Grounds I jumped at the chance to meet Michelle. The open mic night was a lot of fun and I couldn't stop thinking about what a great place AG was to host such an event. So when it was time to really get back to looking for another job I immediately went up and down Roncesvalles, with a folder full of resumes under my arm. A few days later I got a call from Alternative Grounds. I went in for my interview and it went really well. It was so nice to have someone to talk to outside of the house about community and to start feeling like I was going to be a part of one. AG had everything I had wanted. Amazing staff. Friendly regulars. COMMUNITY was the focus. Globally and locally. This is the first job I have ever loved. I have made friends. I run into people I know on the street and the ttc. I can talk to anyone who comes in about whatever they choose. I am gaining confidence and I no longer find this big city to be debilitating-ly lonely. Krista Cousins Rosebud Collections PS. Happy Birthday to my younger brother, Bradley, who turns twenty-two today! <3

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