Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am a Fabric Addict

I, Julia, am addicted to fabric. There I have openly admitted it - and that's the first step to recovery right? Except I don't want to recover from this addiction! I thrive on collecting and working with beautiful pieces of cotton and flannel and minky. Each new piece is my inspiration for another quiet moment of 'mommy is allowed to sew' time. I started creating with fabric shortly before my little monkey Jacob entered the world. I had been forced on home rest and was going batty not having anything to do while being hugely pregnant. I decorated his nursery with every sock monkey fabric I could find - which led to other mommies asking where they could get the same curtains, crib set etc. I figured I could turn my re-found love of fabrics into a small business. Something to keep my occupied while I was on maternity leave (because a newborn isn't challenging enough!). The problem is I make no money from my business because of my addiction. Every penny I make selling my creations goes right back into buying more fabrics. Animal prints, neon plush minky, retro inspired flannels - I have six large totes over flowing and crowding my sewing studio. Do I dare part with one scrap - no! Each tiny piece I covet and try to turn into yet another creation. I like to call it recycling! Each blankie, bib, or diaper wipe I create is like a tiny being I am sending off into the world. I pray that the home it finds enjoys it as much as I enjoyed picking out the materials, merging them together and making them into something. Nothing would break my heart more then to think that someone didn't like something I made. Not because it might insult my creativity; but because each item is one of my little babies alone in the world! I often wonder if true artists feel the same way? I don't consider what I do an art - it's more of a hobby. Does a sculptor personify their creations and then worry their 'child' will be rejected? Does a painter find comfort in mixing colours and textures the same way I do with fabrics? I wish I could draw or paint or sculpt so I could claim to be artistic. But I am happy being able to say I am creative - and a fabric addict! Julia Mackenzie Owner and Creator of Mommy's Lil Monkey

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  1. I work with metal and find I feel the same way about sending my creations out into the world. I feel like I make a connection to each piece as I work the medium and letting them go is tough.