Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blogging on un-inspired and late! the closer you are to something the longer you wait to actually go there; always late for work, if it's too nearby. finally saw my brother tonight, who lives relatively nearby at queen and greenwood but this the first time all spring / summer i've actually made the bike trip (when he lived in BC i would make voyages west for quality visits). passing time now listening to private guitar serenades and being a muse (? this is a real role). on being a muse; there is a blog topic, and one should appreciate the weight and burden that comes along with the responsibility; the value of true inspiration. what is happiness, truth, beauty, freedom, love? all intertwined and inexpressible except sometimes through art, in a song. can you feel it? can you hear it? and then everyday service jobs can get in the way, but attempt not to lose sight or hearing of it. of the contradictions; love versus freedom. etc. good night.

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