Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonder twin powers activiate- form of a force field!

I have some weird force field around me today and I can't seem to make things connect or work out. Every step is wrong, late, the wrong shape, the wrong phone number, the wrong password, forgotten names, moving backwards in alot of tasks. Remember how the wonder twins had all that power and were always either a mop and pail, water or an eagle? That so pissed me right off as a kid! I think I'm using my powers ineffectively... Trying to decide what this all means- it's 10:26pm maybe the reason I ran out of tape AND staples when postering was to go home rest and watch some tv? But I thought I was exercising exellent self care by doing my postering in the cool of the night with fewer cars? I don't get it? Hmm the last few weeks (face it, it's been months)have been such an influx of helping, joy, abundance that I can't juggle it? Okay I'm bitching but when the universe suddenly showers you with gifts how the hell do you deal with it, day after day after day? Hundreds of emails I'll never get through, blessings I can't return, people I can't reach who are looking to connect and expect a reply, the return of that energy, some presence of credibility. I have this weird thing were I expect bad things to happen, cause I got so much good. Happy Wednesday, Michelle

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