Monday, July 26, 2010

Revolution- Yard Sale Style!!!

The funds to incorporate came directly from a yard sale that we held this weekend. I asked for donations via facebook, email, flyers on telephone poles and the That's Women's Work Inc. elistserv. The donations received in only three short days, where amazing and helped us raise the full funds!It was hairy to try to organize pick-ups without a car and my debt load of favours to friends grew deeply this weekend..... It meant struggling through multiple rain storms and being stubborn persistent beyond belief. I think this is an essential piece in biz survival as well as surrendering and knowing when to ask for help. It also meant working crazy hard over 10 hours for the last $11.00 dollars, which on Saturday didn't materialize. I woke Sunday to find my roommate on the porch swing with coffee in hand selling the last of the pieces and collecting $20.00. My hero. In all the sale cost $6.00 for 120 simple b/w posters that I hand coloured to help them stand out. No cash means way more homemade stuff- which takes time, be sure to factor that in! Today is about running around getting the non-profit paper work signed by my Board of Director Members then getting this submitted! Happy Monday, That's Women's Work Inc.

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