Saturday, July 3, 2010

Post Traumatic Stress Inspiration

The G20 was exhausting and draining I have been sleeping 10-12 hours per day and I think I might physically be on the mend, spirituality and emotionally whole other thing. I did legal observing and was also able to participate in several of the rallies. The joy of self employment and a flexible schedule.
Trying to move beyond the unthinkable oppression and brutality and connect those moments of pure laughter and unity. "You're sexy you're cute, take off your riot suit". Also this incredible act of yoga on the head of this giant statue on the corner of Queen West and University. Pic doesn't convey the scale in anyway way!
Been sitting with what the hell "marginalized" is all week.
Decided to apply for funding after making myself crazy. Will keep a copy of The Revolution Won't Be Funded in my back pocket. I'll be sure to let you know what my first time grant writing process looks like!
Happy Saturday,


  1. One symptom of PTSI is rambling blog entries... beware!

  2. There's a very brief shot of the yogi here, around the 2:20 mark: