Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hmmmmm it's still capitolism but I have some questions... It's 13 minutes, but if you have a chance watch this... my questions are as follows, would love to hear what you think too? The factory 1) Wonder about power structure of peer monitoring and if/how sexual harassment would plan out in this type of company? 2) Is there scape goating or suedo leaders emerging or is the power shared evenly? 3) How does fluid communication occur in this company? 4) What is the company turn over/ does everyone just instantly "fit'- I wouldn't think so? Where do they find their workers? 5) What is equality like amongst workers- what rules do ableism, sexism, all the phobia's (homo, trans, Islamic etc.) influence the company? No mention of HR policies in this video? 6) What type of policies do they have in place to create equality amongst the workers? Yes, they get a hammock but is childcare provided? Is it capitolism simply re branded as socialism? The School-only makes sense capitolism can be removed easily from schools.Children creating their own rules is only fair. 1) Are children educated on their rights as children before they create their rules? I am in love with this poster from the UN- On the Rights of Children Hmmm so much to consider... Happy Tuesday, Michelle

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