Monday, July 19, 2010

The grand daddy! The Non Profit/ Charitable Status Application

I'm pretty tired and insanely thirsty so I'm going to work on this posting over the next few days..... right now I'll just jot down my thoughts and fill them in tomorrow.... 1. The difference between a non-profit (also known as NPO, NGO and a charity-confusingly enough) and a Charity. (To list fees and time lines for each- also to mention free reviews) 2.Filling to become a charity-VLS animation, charity central and the CRA handbook 3. To create change clause 4. THe costs and my approach to fund raising 5.Opportunities for funding and grants 6.The charity as a person- money as a voice


  1. UGH, okay I suck, well aware I haven't filled this in yet. I promise it's the first,last and only task that I'll complete on my vacation ;0)

  2. Soemhow I forgot this two important sites...
    This is the interactive application process
    more info and supports