Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calling in ill to work when you are the boss and the only employee is confusing

I had a wee accident on my scooter, so I have been out of commission now for four days. I'm struggling with this weird new world order thing of being my own company. I'm down, no thoughts about that. But I've started thinking about sick time, the average work day and loss of time, money, resources etc. Capitalism+socialism= what? Can one work with money and not be part of the capitalist system? The very concept of capitalism is anti-feminist to me. I've always understood it in the simplest means as separating the work of the hand from the work of the mind, with privilege and power being dependant on those doing the mind work. Maybe it's too simplistic? Hmm I wonder if some union folks would give me a good talkin to about this concept? So I'm taking the time I need but I feel guilty one minute and thankful the next. I realise that so many times I have gone to work, ill, broken and should have no way been there. After my grandfather died I took off three days, that was in no way enough, I'm still grieving that loss nearly two years later (wow two years already). So if I am a business that works with people but also money(rent, utilities at the very least for everyone involved) where is the balance? I've been taught to work through everything from a young age, if you're not vomiting your good to go (staple mean Christian parents response?)
  • work it off.
  • work through it.
  • put your mind to the work and you'll feel better.
  • you'll feel better once you get back to work.
  • a hard days work is all you need.
  • loose yourself in your work.
All those stupid things said to me even as a child. So if I have employees (eventually I hope to) what does this look like? What does this look like for me? Again where does self care fit into capitalism? And I have no children- I can't even comprehend another being to keep alive..... So I'll let the guilt go now and go sleep, heal and care for myself knowing when I'm better I'll kick ass then. Sick day 4, I'm well aware an employer would be requesting a DR.s note now..... Take care today- okay? Michelle

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