Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guest bloggers/ grant writting

Hello everyone, For the month of August I'll be handing my blog over! You luck darlings I hope you enjoy every single minute!!! This weeks guest blogggerrrs are: SUN. August 1- Lia Grimanis MON. August 2 - Colleen Lowe TUES. August 3-Patricia Giles WED. August 4 ~ Julia Mackenzie... THURS.August 5 ~ candace wagman (may be changed) FRI. August 6 ~ Susan Gapka SAT. August 7 - Kelli Kieley In the meanwhile I am recovering from grant writing, I'll blog about in September- from the otherside lol. Happy August, Blog you soon, Michelle

Monday, July 26, 2010

Revolution- Yard Sale Style!!!

The funds to incorporate came directly from a yard sale that we held this weekend. I asked for donations via facebook, email, flyers on telephone poles and the That's Women's Work Inc. elistserv. The donations received in only three short days, where amazing and helped us raise the full funds!It was hairy to try to organize pick-ups without a car and my debt load of favours to friends grew deeply this weekend..... It meant struggling through multiple rain storms and being stubborn persistent beyond belief. I think this is an essential piece in biz survival as well as surrendering and knowing when to ask for help. It also meant working crazy hard over 10 hours for the last $11.00 dollars, which on Saturday didn't materialize. I woke Sunday to find my roommate on the porch swing with coffee in hand selling the last of the pieces and collecting $20.00. My hero. In all the sale cost $6.00 for 120 simple b/w posters that I hand coloured to help them stand out. No cash means way more homemade stuff- which takes time, be sure to factor that in! Today is about running around getting the non-profit paper work signed by my Board of Director Members then getting this submitted! Happy Monday, That's Women's Work Inc.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonder twin powers activiate- form of a force field!

I have some weird force field around me today and I can't seem to make things connect or work out. Every step is wrong, late, the wrong shape, the wrong phone number, the wrong password, forgotten names, moving backwards in alot of tasks. Remember how the wonder twins had all that power and were always either a mop and pail, water or an eagle? That so pissed me right off as a kid! I think I'm using my powers ineffectively... Trying to decide what this all means- it's 10:26pm maybe the reason I ran out of tape AND staples when postering was to go home rest and watch some tv? But I thought I was exercising exellent self care by doing my postering in the cool of the night with fewer cars? I don't get it? Hmm the last few weeks (face it, it's been months)have been such an influx of helping, joy, abundance that I can't juggle it? Okay I'm bitching but when the universe suddenly showers you with gifts how the hell do you deal with it, day after day after day? Hundreds of emails I'll never get through, blessings I can't return, people I can't reach who are looking to connect and expect a reply, the return of that energy, some presence of credibility. I have this weird thing were I expect bad things to happen, cause I got so much good. Happy Wednesday, Michelle

Monday, July 19, 2010

The grand daddy! The Non Profit/ Charitable Status Application

I'm pretty tired and insanely thirsty so I'm going to work on this posting over the next few days..... right now I'll just jot down my thoughts and fill them in tomorrow.... 1. The difference between a non-profit (also known as NPO, NGO and a charity-confusingly enough) and a Charity. (To list fees and time lines for each- also to mention free reviews) 2.Filling to become a charity-VLS animation, charity central and the CRA handbook 3. To create change clause 4. THe costs and my approach to fund raising 5.Opportunities for funding and grants 6.The charity as a person- money as a voice

Thursday, July 15, 2010

From my complain' lips to Al's ears?

Al Etmanski, Co-Founder, Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) and Ashoka Canada Fellow, "Psychologically, social finance and social enterprise has allowed PLAN and other organizations I am associated with to shift from victim thinking to agent thinking; from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. It has helped us to realize our economic power and to place it at the service of social and economic justice." check it out as well as the links! I don't know this author and thus don't endorse his work, right now. I'll read up and report!

Calling in ill to work when you are the boss and the only employee is confusing

I had a wee accident on my scooter, so I have been out of commission now for four days. I'm struggling with this weird new world order thing of being my own company. I'm down, no thoughts about that. But I've started thinking about sick time, the average work day and loss of time, money, resources etc. Capitalism+socialism= what? Can one work with money and not be part of the capitalist system? The very concept of capitalism is anti-feminist to me. I've always understood it in the simplest means as separating the work of the hand from the work of the mind, with privilege and power being dependant on those doing the mind work. Maybe it's too simplistic? Hmm I wonder if some union folks would give me a good talkin to about this concept? So I'm taking the time I need but I feel guilty one minute and thankful the next. I realise that so many times I have gone to work, ill, broken and should have no way been there. After my grandfather died I took off three days, that was in no way enough, I'm still grieving that loss nearly two years later (wow two years already). So if I am a business that works with people but also money(rent, utilities at the very least for everyone involved) where is the balance? I've been taught to work through everything from a young age, if you're not vomiting your good to go (staple mean Christian parents response?)
  • work it off.
  • work through it.
  • put your mind to the work and you'll feel better.
  • you'll feel better once you get back to work.
  • a hard days work is all you need.
  • loose yourself in your work.
All those stupid things said to me even as a child. So if I have employees (eventually I hope to) what does this look like? What does this look like for me? Again where does self care fit into capitalism? And I have no children- I can't even comprehend another being to keep alive..... So I'll let the guilt go now and go sleep, heal and care for myself knowing when I'm better I'll kick ass then. Sick day 4, I'm well aware an employer would be requesting a DR.s note now..... Take care today- okay? Michelle

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting a Non Profit- Part one- starting! A Rose is a rose

Luckily my dear friend Wendy came over and held my hand through this process, with a helper it's so clear and easy.

My first barrier was locating the information, comments like "it's all online" from government offices was frustrating for me. yes they are online, millions and millions of files are online.

 Don't be embarrassed if you find the process anything but a day at the beach. It's written in Herewith in, therefore, the first party-patriarchal, capitalism language in which I am not fluent, don't feel bad if you aren't (or are- WENDY!- for that matter). ***Use the animation/ walk through that I talk about at the end of this entry:0)

1.Nuans Search- I found mine (okay Wendy found it online) at they were the cheapest for me (cash) and ttc-able, not recommending them, but I had a good experience, might even say lovely. We selected this one from a list on the government website Corporations Canada- but there are several options.

I am a cash user so I went where I could pay cash, a credit card seems to tremendously change the process for the easier, but don't let lack of credit be barrier- I beg you!Old stuff we aren't judging ourselves anymore- remember!

Also read over- but just glance at it and ensure you name isn't in any violation.

This search is mandatory and is the process of registering your company name and connecting it directly to you. Also keeps tons of companies from having the exact same name- cause a vegan McDonalds would totally confuse folks and destroy the concept of the Big Mac?
I guest to protect the brand and the proprietors oh yes and the share holders!

My suggestion, get all these business folks to write bills and laws on domestic violence and child protection cause they go to such extreme lengths, tying up every single loop hole, addressing the smallest details to protect paper. Imagine what they could do for people, for vulnerable women and children.

.......Anyways.... The only confusing part was whether to be an Ontario or Canadian based non profit. I asked tons of folks and got alot of mixed reactions- generally no one really knew. My educated guess is that it relates to funding, the possibility of opening on more than one province or applying for funding? I dunno completely to be honest? When I went to Best Ontario in person at 425 University Ave. Floor 4, Suite 403, the worker spoke from what she knew, plain and simple. The Ontario one she could do on site, the federal needed to be sent to Ottawa. And second, if my federal application for my name was turned down (deemed inappropriate, or too similar to another already registered name) I would have to refile, pay again, and wait again. She also explained the Ontario Incorporating Government Office was right next door (a transit ride away for me from my place) as apposed to sending documents off twice to Ottawa and awaiting their return. Also I'm apply for a grant with an approaching deadline, so time was a factor. If it's the wrong decision I can expand into Canada for another fee. You'll know if I picked the wrong one if I have an emergency Bake sale with a "make it federal" Theme.

The cost was 48 dollars if you need it in 40 minutes, 75 dollars if you need it in 2 minutes. Or you can just pay the 48 dollars and have them email it. It was waiting for me in my email when I arrived home. The email is acceptable to the non profit gov peeps, I checked. It's 6 pages long, which I found funny because the application was only one short page.

Once you have your name search these two sites are extremely helpful...
***This is the interactive application process that walks you through teh application using an animation and then allows you to print out teh actual completed form!
more info and supports, truly awesome supports!

VLS- Pro Bono Law Ontario are good online resources I personally found that they have such a volume of calls it was a challenge to receive any in person/ on phone clarification. They offer the great animation above, the tool kit and great online supports but I called the government and Industry Canada for clarification on my questions..

Okay hope this helps!

hmmmmm it's still capitolism but I have some questions... It's 13 minutes, but if you have a chance watch this... my questions are as follows, would love to hear what you think too? The factory 1) Wonder about power structure of peer monitoring and if/how sexual harassment would plan out in this type of company? 2) Is there scape goating or suedo leaders emerging or is the power shared evenly? 3) How does fluid communication occur in this company? 4) What is the company turn over/ does everyone just instantly "fit'- I wouldn't think so? Where do they find their workers? 5) What is equality like amongst workers- what rules do ableism, sexism, all the phobia's (homo, trans, Islamic etc.) influence the company? No mention of HR policies in this video? 6) What type of policies do they have in place to create equality amongst the workers? Yes, they get a hammock but is childcare provided? Is it capitolism simply re branded as socialism? The School-only makes sense capitolism can be removed easily from schools.Children creating their own rules is only fair. 1) Are children educated on their rights as children before they create their rules? I am in love with this poster from the UN- On the Rights of Children Hmmm so much to consider... Happy Tuesday, Michelle

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Post Traumatic Stress Inspiration

The G20 was exhausting and draining I have been sleeping 10-12 hours per day and I think I might physically be on the mend, spirituality and emotionally whole other thing. I did legal observing and was also able to participate in several of the rallies. The joy of self employment and a flexible schedule.
Trying to move beyond the unthinkable oppression and brutality and connect those moments of pure laughter and unity. "You're sexy you're cute, take off your riot suit". Also this incredible act of yoga on the head of this giant statue on the corner of Queen West and University. Pic doesn't convey the scale in anyway way!
Been sitting with what the hell "marginalized" is all week.
Decided to apply for funding after making myself crazy. Will keep a copy of The Revolution Won't Be Funded in my back pocket. I'll be sure to let you know what my first time grant writing process looks like!
Happy Saturday,