Monday, June 7, 2010

Is anybody out there?

I'll know in a few days if anyone is out there. Sorta putting my ass on the line, my 2nd activity and asking for 1000 folks to come out on a beautiful Saturday to knit. Fingers are crossed. I would be nervous but I'm too busy. So much media coverage leading up the event. Free coverage in the city is such a blessing! Community Newspapers and websites. When things slow down I'll place my list of my current resources here- hopefully to save you time! It's late I'll be succinct, I'm sorta stuck in my mandate. I want to use those lovely enviro corn cups, lids and straws- no plastic. Budget and a lack of donations is steering me to plastic. What does a small start up do when budget and mandate are a world a part? Maybe break the mandate up into smaller more attainable steps so that I still have direction and don't feel so defeated when I don't have hundreds of dollars for cups, lids... lids are a whole other pricey story! Asking folks to BYOcup, but this has been the issue that first pops into my head on those occasional 3am wake-ups. My friend Deb sent me this great piece on communal and group buying- I think the enviro products would probably be an amazing item for such a thing. A simple example can be found at Guess that will need to be organized as well....... after June 12th. That's all I keep saying... After June 12th. Looks like August will be a slow one so I'll be closing down for the month to walk through forests, float down rivers, organize future events, collaborate and grant write. Is anybody out there? 5 more sleeps and time will tell.......... Nighty night, Michelle van Looy

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