Monday, May 24, 2010

So you want a revolution?

As much as my relationship with my accountant needs to be as solid and intimate as that of a good lover so true is my relationship with the simple word revolution! Ummmmm, right down to my tingling toes! So when the word crosses my inbox, eyes or ears I'm in heaven. Revolution stuff that you need to know about, my top threeeee: 1. The revolution will not be down town-!/group.php?gid=114630565243513&v=info&ref=ts 2. The revolution will be local- talks about an approach to funding that is similar to the 100 mile challenge and other think global act local campaigns! Also I love how they refer to their formation of community knowledge in the church. As anti-church as I am I acknowledge that the community aspect was instilled deep- the other stuff........ Also the role of food in community- I nearly forgot about food! 3. G20, G8- I love when the anarchists and nuclear families attend the same event, That's Revolution..... ummmmmm. Google G20 to find out what your group of choice is up to! That's Women's Work will have a BYOE (Build your own effigy) party very soon, diversity folks lets not all make Harpers. Chicken wire will of course be provided! Happy long weekend, now go whisper thoughts of revolution to those nearest too you, Michelle

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