Sunday, May 30, 2010

Save money! Oh ya and try not to kill anyone!

Responsibility is huge. You'd, oops I mean I'd, like to think it's just some iced tea, some iced coffee and some water. No biggee.
Actually food prep and serving also involves not poisoning, sickening or killing my participants. Milk in the sun, trouble!
I'm looking for discount, cheap or free beverage containers. But who knows what was stored in that free container before I get it. Near my hometown people at a Christmas party were poisoned after they reused a "very well washed" out anti-freeze container. Okay sounds stupid in writing but those simple thoughts are those with great repercussions.
As a tired, broke, newish large scale event planner this was a piece I hadn't considered. I have friends with their smart serv certification, that I would trust with my own life and I'm considering getting certified myself as well so that future events have this part covered. For smart serv info visit:
For food prep and serving- It's actually called the Food Handler Certification-
Sometimes churches or employment centres offer these trainings for free. Search around and eventually you'll find one!
The "to do list" is now a novella.
Happy sunday! And no worries 'bout the milk!

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