Thursday, May 20, 2010

must blog more, must blog more, must blog more

Ohh no my first year is slipping by and my blogging has dried up! Where am I? Partnered with AMAZING women, Mary from Wise Daughters Craft Market in the Junction and Carol Barrett of Street Knit. Work is assigned in such a free form way, everyone is stepping up and there is NO drama or trauma. We meet mostly by Internet with the occasional in person meeting to clarify roles and jobs. The World Record Attempt is going so well! Today this piece occurred online line via National Post. We are working with little or no budget, only the funds from the craft sale. Our approach has been very grassroots.
  • We have been using facebook- we created a group (although I'm not so sure about facebook..)!/event.php?eid=110472405653735&index=1
  • We have been dropping off flyers to knitting stores and emailing those out of scooter range
  • We have contacted guilds, groups and orgs we found online
  • We involved the public libraries and local schools
  • We asked Women to help and they have!
  • We are asking for donations of sound gear and performers at the event and have dedicated a tale to sell their cd's
  • We are still sussing out refreshments and power supplies
  • We created a press release, so many templates availale online, and sent them everywhere we could think of, also we sent notices to local papers, websites and groups with free online community listings
  • We talked to the fine knitters of the Street Knit monthly group and they have passed the word on!

The only funding required has been printing of posters, and we have received great deals and discounts- although they are still pricey and the T-shirts will hopefully pay for themselves in sales (fingers crossed!)

So yes, we are still people powered and yes we are still unfunded, and no we have not relied on a cent of credit. That's Women's Work might not own anything right now, but we don't owe either;0) This may change but for now it feels right.

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