Friday, April 23, 2010

Mood swings used to be P.M.S now they are b.i.z.

Wow look over some of my entries today. My moods are so up and down. The smallest criticism and I'm ready to pack it in.. I need some separation between me and That's Women's Work. Now that I am a business operator I think about things....I can't imagine how a restaurateur would survive the impact of a bad review or a singer/ songwriter, oh I can't imagine! I wonder where is the line between critic and creator. Truly aren't we as artists so critical of ourselves. How can others even fit into the monogamous relationship of me and my art? The difference in my humble opinion between an artist and everyone else is that audacity to push past that critique in my head that thinks my line isn't straight enough, or thick enough or the right colour... I'm not sure what that is pain, privilege, poverty, anger, joy? I guess it differs for each and every artist. So how does one, by that I mean me, reframe mistakes and use them to grow. The concept is so grown up... Not sure I'm there yet or at least that's what my critic would like me to believe. Happy Friday, MIchelle

Thursday, April 15, 2010

your can lead a crafter to water but you can't make them drink

Okay so I'm frustrated... My goals were simple 1. Allow women to earn an income from their art work 2.Allow women to be responsible for how their work is sold 3. Engage women in the process from start to finish, hands on all the way 4. Empower women to start things beyond me and That's Women's Work and to assemble themselves I'm wondering where it went wrong? I'm trying to reframe and look at this from other angles. Maybe I haven't stressed the grassroots part enough? Maybe the fee was too low? Folks want services for $10.00 that they would get for a $250 table at other events Maybe folks didn't realise that ownership on their part would be important? Maybe folks didn't realise they would be encouraged to participate beyond simply selling their wares? Maybe folks don't need community? Maybe folks aren't ready for this? Maybe folks don't realise I am one person? Maybe the lack of physical contact and the huge amount of online communication means folks don't feel obligated as there has been no personal contact? Is asking for folks to promote their work a huge hurtle, maybe women aren't ready to expose themselves in an artful way and I am being unreasonable in asking as much? ... so I'm wondering what are the solutions? 1. Marketing workshops on self promotion for women? 2. Community building workshops? 3. Being way more clear in my marketing? I thought I was selling revolution and empowerment but it seems I am selling tables at a craft fair....... ;0( Michelle P.s. I have had lovely women contact me and support me as well! Don't want to underplay that piece of the puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too many balls in the air

I dropped the ball... except it wasn't a ball, it was a woman and her work. This is my first big error and I feel really bad. How do I balance all of this and not have occasional errors? I'm human, no? So how does that fit into meeting the needs of others and ensuring they feel respected? I'm supposedly bringing respect and value to folks work... Also how do I keep that value for myself when errors happen? This is the first time I've truly felt like stopping...... Man, I feel like shit......