Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have a plan!!!

Good morning, When I just typed that I have a plan I realised I only have a plan A... hmm no plan B what does that mean? How is it different? I guess when plan A is so solid so thought out so supported it's all a girl needs? Is that possibly true? So where am I in this crazy thing call small biz start up?
  • Two weeks from finishing my small biz start up program- I can't even express how much I have matured and grown up in this program!
  • Two weeks from having my finished business plan!
  • Two weeks from meeting with Volunteer Legal Services and MAS for nonprofit start up!
  • Two months from my Bake sale/craft sale/ fashion sale fundraiser to raise the funds to register and incorporate the nonprofit and to incorporate the business
  • Two months from starting to apply for grants and funding

I'm impatient, letting this grow and develop in a slow and steady process is so challenging. Every day I'm asked when my gallery will be open, at first I felt some weird discomfortable shame that I hadn't throw this together overnight and opened the doors, but after reflection, training and sound advice I know, that wouldn't work out well!

The point is to open the doors and keep them open, for a really long time!

What is the gestation period on That's Women's Work? I guess it will be cooked when it's cooked not a moment before.....


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