Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So sorry forgot to mention. Guinness has given us the go ahead! Today is the first planning meeting regarding the Guinness Record for the most people knitting! Setting the date, time and location, then promoting it! Promise to tell you more asap! Michelle

This is what my life looks like now...

It's 2pm. I just woke up, I worked until after 3am last night, then I was so excited I couldn't sleep. Excited not worried. So many pans on the stove (is that the saying?). I'm trying not to let money be a barrier I have to keep reminding myself... grassroots..... grassroots. I don't need a huge advertising budget ( I'm sad I can't post in Bust's June/July issue, the 1300 just isn't an option on our own, but in the future we'll be there!). Women will build this, not postcards, 1/2 page ads in Bust ;0( or expensive lecturers. Women.... My 46 page business plan is done! I know my business like a lover, its herstory, its flaws and its hopes and dreams. I'm exchanging painting a house for a serious proof reading. Then off it goes for consultation with VLS- Volunteer Legal Services- to get help starting the non-profit and assistance from MAS in ensuring it operates smoothly. Both free services! I'm using the money earned from the May 8th craft sale to pay for all the provincial and federal registration fees. Working on trying to figure out how the hell to raise the funds to open our doors in a space on Roncesvalles! Michelle

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have a plan!!!

Good morning, When I just typed that I have a plan I realised I only have a plan A... hmm no plan B what does that mean? How is it different? I guess when plan A is so solid so thought out so supported it's all a girl needs? Is that possibly true? So where am I in this crazy thing call small biz start up?
  • Two weeks from finishing my small biz start up program- I can't even express how much I have matured and grown up in this program!
  • Two weeks from having my finished business plan!
  • Two weeks from meeting with Volunteer Legal Services and MAS for nonprofit start up!
  • Two months from my Bake sale/craft sale/ fashion sale fundraiser to raise the funds to register and incorporate the nonprofit and to incorporate the business
  • Two months from starting to apply for grants and funding

I'm impatient, letting this grow and develop in a slow and steady process is so challenging. Every day I'm asked when my gallery will be open, at first I felt some weird discomfortable shame that I hadn't throw this together overnight and opened the doors, but after reflection, training and sound advice I know, that wouldn't work out well!

The point is to open the doors and keep them open, for a really long time!

What is the gestation period on That's Women's Work? I guess it will be cooked when it's cooked not a moment before.....


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1+1=blue, I darn you to prove me wrong

Dear me! I am in deep, struggling with the math behind my biz. I have never been a big believer in math, truly as a child no one could convince me that it wasn't arbitrary. In a very strict school with strict laws about my body, my beliefs and my role in society as a girl (none of which I believed) math just fit in to that big heap of that which I didn't let in. I failed every grade of math in grade school. I just shut down, spent the time dreaming, planning or drawing. I was a creative kid in a very stale small town, I planned my escape the majority of my childhood, mostly during math..... My European parents nearly lost their minds.... I dated a german envro scientist who spent the majority of our relationship, spanned across several contents, trying to prove the existence and foundation of math. My disbelief and questioning often forced reflection that wasn't always warmly received. In university they labelled it part of the larger learning disability, but I still like to think it is free will....... So now here I sit with my reality, success and the success of others based on 1+1 I knew this would be a challenge, but somehow I need to make peace with this part, to shift this block and move the heavy chunk of concrete that is currently occupying my brain. I need to cut the strings that are connected and so interwoven. I've reached out to my teacher for help, that's a big step for me