Friday, February 12, 2010

Why a women's only gallery?

Weight. The exposure of the gender based killings that have been revealed have such a heavy weight. My heart goes out to all women as we all grieve this loss. It is important to remember the names of the victims Jessica Lloyd and and Cpl. Marie-France Comeau as well as the potential for other women's life losses to be tied to the same man. So many missing women..

I've been asked, harassed and spoken down to by "liberal" men on why a women's only gallery. Why are men being left out?

I always quote gender violence, pay inequity and reproductive rights as my stock reply. Days like today I feel a strong pull to continue my work, with no explanations.

Call to action: This weekend make a piece of art, and post it on pole, for all to see.
(Image origin is unknown )

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