Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tired- so tired!

There isn't enough of me to go around! Today I feel like I wish there where 20 of me. I'm not sure how to make better use of my time? As a dyslexic girl the excessive writing is pretty time consuming and exhausting.. All this technology and we are back to the written text. Time to embrace sound and video! Start up, planning, attending events, promotion, research and all this text seems like three full time jobs. And realistically it is..... I'm struggling with the idea of volunteers, I am SO AGAINST women working for free. My biz classmates suggested to get all male volunteers, spread the oppression around, funny but no. I've decided to bring my friends on board for a meeting and suggestions of structuring and for a little support- I'm lucky my friends are freakin brilliant and giving! I've decided that I will be blogging only two- three times per week, time to start focusing my time and energy, and most importantly conserving my time and energy! Happy Thursday! Michelle

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