Wednesday, February 3, 2010

still waiting

A few showers and I still haven't completely washed Saturday's lecture off. Consciousless business is creepy. The idea of business as war is creepy. The idea of destroying "competitors" is creepy. I comprised the 11 basic principles of feminist business, but I've been thinking that maybe it should be the principles of business for marginalized people, rather than just women. I must admit during the high point of the financial crisis many of us gals where praying for the collapse of capitalism. Not just to wipe the student loans from our lives but also to slow things down, equal things out and start anew. To bust the model like a ceramic piggy bank and a hammer. Well that didn't happen and here we are in the same place, only worse. I know I make 69 cents, and on a decline thanks to a conservative government, to my male counterparts dollar and that isn't going to change anytime soon. Factor in being a marginalized, female artist and phew the walls seem tall. I am a bit worried that the rent of a central, accessible location will result in very high rental fees and barriers to the folks, I'm trying to serve. I think community partnerships, sponsors and donors are going to be essential in providing subsided spaces. What I'm reading today The Revolution will not be funded- Beyond the Non Profit Industrial Complex By Incite! Women of Colour Against Violence which is strongly contrasted by such articles as Sorta like Dove's you are beautiful campaign, ethics as an advertising technique are just that, a technique but what happens when the tides shift again? What then? What I'm thinking today idea's for art shows- Make art like a lawyer, design a new system of commerce, creation of the 31 cent coin to help employers with their equality math (this is lower for aboriginal women and women of colour!), craft this- the creation of crafts with non traditional materials, accessible art- sound, touch, texture, a video documentary workshop for those who consider themselves "housewives" etc. Still waiting............................................... Michelle

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