Monday, February 1, 2010

Real estate time!

Not a house. A website! I'm buying my own domain name. or depending on what's available. Maybe I'm toooo "A type", but the things I felt I needed to consider before I bought my virtual space are: 1) Google the name and domain name, check that it isn't already taken. A special note- be careful some sites offer a domain name check but in actuality then are just probes to find names in demand. They purchase your name then make it available at a higher cost. Check through a reputable host.

2) Is there something out there similar? For example Wavemakerz' first name was Gogather- which ended up being a Christian group, a networking site and a small employment service, we dropped the name and headed back to the drawing board. 3)Who will host your site? A host is sorta like the land that your domain (your house) sits on. Of course one needs the other to exist. Also how much space do you get? Enough to post a video, podcasts (which take alot of space) etc. or do extra charges exist?

4) I used it cost me $14.95 USD for my domain name and space for one year. I'm in no way endorsing them, but I was shocked! I thought it would be one hundred dollars or more, nope it wasn't. Also I used a money order to pay, you could also use a pre-paid credit card, now avilable in many stores.

Yup, it's sinking in right, I know it is for me? Starting a small business means that one must be open conceptually to the energy of the carpenter, interior designer, advertiser, accountant, janitor, I.T. specialist and human resources person.

One doesn't have to BE all these things, but should have good people and good supports as a sounding board. Personally, I need to trust my accountant as much as my lover, pure and simple. If you think otherwise, refer to Nicholas Cage... I'm just saying...

Found this in my email this morning. It's Toronto based, the thing I'm learning is that with the Feds hiding, programing on both provincial and federal levels are stalled. The city of Toronto however has a plethora of resources and emerging programs. The posting below is a free student initiative!


Michelle -------------- SBP Program Information Program Overview Classes for this free program will be held this spring (March 30th to April 29, 2010) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Regent Park Community Centre. The final presentation and “Graduation” will be held at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (St. George Campus). The in-class sessions teach practical business knowledge skills on how to put together a business plan including identifying customers, marketing and communicating the business idea (doing a business pitch), and learning how to find financing for the plan. The program is made possible through volunteers from the Rotman School of Management (Faculty, MBA students and administration staff), United Way Toronto, and financial institutions and local entrepreneurs. The Candidate Participants must be 18 years of age and older, with reasonable English communication skills. The program is ideal for people who cannot afford the price of a formal degree or diploma in business administration, but who are entrepreneurially focused and driven. Participants must already have a business idea and the desire to learn how to develop it further. Example of Ideal Candidate Already have a business idea of their own or close to identifying it Keen to develop their idea into a business plan Someone who is interested in a starting a community organization Someone who is seeking employment, but has an entrepreneurial spirit and an original idea: Professional Services (e.g., health care, daycare) Technical/Trades Services Restaurants/Food Services Art and Esthetics (e.g., hair salon, clothing, etc.) Registration & Information Session We will be holding an information session this coming March 2010 at the Library/Resource Centre in Regent Park. The program flyer and registration form are attached, and you can visit our website at: Please contact me directly for more information on the program. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Peter Scott Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto SBP Program Manager 416 946 3638

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