Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nausea, heart burn, upset stomach- small bizness

Nauseous, haven't slept well in several days. The magnitude of it all is setting in, and yesterday was my first official self employment full on freak out. The world looks different with my head between my knees. Luckily I was able to connect with my friends and find my way back to centre. Yes it took 5 strong, talented, loving women, but here I am back at it today! My biggest butterflies came from a small biz program that felt my idea may not be viable. I was concerned I wouldn't get in. Capitol seems to be a big barrier to some folks. Those of us who have always had to fight for a place with little or no money look at capitol a little different than other folks, I guess. It's just another thing on the to do list. Big ups to Wendy Babcock bakesaling and fundraising her entire way through law school! I guess I'm lucky to have such a strong community around me. So I got in, in the end. But what I'm really contemplating is, if a portion of the biz, the women's art gallery should be a non-profit organization and the community rental space be a for profit biz. How does one know when to be an non-profit? Having worked in non profits for the majority of my adult life, it only seems natural to me. I really have no idea, I'm just going on instinct and what I know.What I've lived, studies, seen and worked. I suggest you too do the same. I'm going to interview a friend Scott Thompson, a board member of A.I.M. Toronto and operator of a very successful space called SOMEWHERE THERE,in Parkdale, Toronto. I'm also going to interview my amazing accountant, and my former employer at an Art Gallery. Hearing from folks out there doing it-should calm my shakkkkkky nerves! Today is all about more reading and researching. Here's what I've found... to start................. also of interest... As well as the start up and research, I have five events in the works- I'll let you know as they materialize: 1) an open mic night for women musicians and poets 2) an art-in for women artists 3) a Guinness world record attempt 4) a huge fundraiser featuring women, their lovers, their brothers and all others (get it, it includes men too) 5) a lecture at an up coming salon- I'll post the link tomorrow Busy times ahead! Not so nauseous anymore, Michelle

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