Friday, February 19, 2010

My cup runith over and over and over again

I have spent the last two days, typing the words thank you over and over. Women are opening their lives and their work to myself, my camera and the world. They (you) are sharing the request with their networks and a few simple emails on my part are returning 100 fold. I feel astonished and so.... I don't have a word... can you imagine? At a time when I felt so spent, so tired I feel refreshed. Happy Friday, Michelle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The orginal posting) Wanted: Women cultural workers, artists, activists, creatives, musicians, circus performers, crafters, teachers, welders, glass blowers, metal smiths, jewellery makers, loomers, photographers, bakers, designers, knitters, film makers, ,poets, dancers, etc. etc. etc. in the GTA area. Essentially any woman who produces,makes, creates, performs or embodies art, to be photographed for the That's Women's Work web site (previously Wavemakerz but now formally registered as That's Women's Work). I'm looking for a wide diversity of both women and their work! (That's Women Work defines women as folks who self identify and is always inclusive of transwomen.) I'll come to your "work place" and take a few pictures. In return you'll receive an electronic file of your photo, for your own use or promo. Your photo will appear on the website along with your name and a short bio of you and your work, written by you. Your image will not be used in any other place or capacity. (I can draft up a simple contract with the terms if anyone would like it.) I'm challenging you to think about your work as art and to think of your art as work. The Url was born on Friday February 12th, 2010 so it is bare bones right now. Check it out at or the entire process on

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