Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Equation for cash flow oh ya and a party

In class today we got the equation for class flow. I forgot it at school but will place it here tomorrow. Also please come check out Can feminism pay the bills? My three favs things feminism, business and a great friend all in one place for five bucks! "Can Feminism Pay the Bills?" Host: Ladyfest Toronto Type: Causes - Fundraiser Network: Global Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm Location: The Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave.) Description $5 (no one turned away) HOST DAINTY SMITH SEX WORK ACTIVIST WENDY BABCOCK FREELANCE IMAGITATOR CARLY STASKO STACEY BE OF AIRHEARTJANET ROMERO-LEIVA FROM THE TORONTO WOMEN'S BOOKSTORE SARAH DAFOE LI KOO OF 918 BATHURST A night of creative, comedic, academic, grassroots, and musical responses to the topic of feminism and money. From personal finances to organizational funding, we've all felt the squeeze and it's time for this movement to pay up! How can we balance demanding recognition of our labour and support of non-profits we believe in? How do we talk about inequity and lack of resources when many of us have dinner on the table and a roof over our heads? How can we sell this thing to make a cool million? Come out and learn and laugh about where our collective stocks are sitting, how to increase their value, and when we should just sell. F E M I N I S T V E N D O R F A I R Cora MorrisBoardwalk Chocolates http://boardwalkchocolates.com/ /Toronto Women's Bookstore Indigenous Crafts from Bolivia http://www.craftsfrombolivia.com/ Cassandra Witteman Knotted Nest - http//www.knottednest.blogspot.com Christine Covertwelveohtwo zine distro - http://www.twelveohtwo.org/ McClungs Magazine - http://mcclungs.ca/ Gillian Manford - http://missquitecontrary.etsy.com/ Sustainable Cycles - http://www.sustainablecycles.ca/ Carly Stasko - http://www.intrinsik.net/ Mujeres CreativasBits of String Press - http://bitsofstring.wordpress.com/ Monique Richard Ontario Rebelles Times Change Women's Employment Centre 918 Bathurst No One is Illegal Megan Speers

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