Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They like me, they really like me!!!!

Wow, I’m speechless. 100 women have completed my online survey ( )! The comments are amazing and such a great resource for directing my work. What’s that saying.. from the mouths of babes… women are interested and my email box is overflowing! Two weeks ago I was worried no one would be interested, and now here I am with the market research I have been struggling with sitting and waiting for me to peruse. Yesterday, I thought I was going to the Toronto Business Development Centre lecture at Y.E.S ( )and ended up in a Transitions to Employment workshop instead ( When I realized that it was the wrong workshop I wanted to dash home, back to work. But there were only two of us and a really energetic lady there named Anita, to deliver the workshop. I have a past riddled with presenting to two people (or less) at workshops, I decided to stay in a sisterhood kinda way. Turns out Anita was a super star with great resources (including a workbook entitled “VALUABLE INFORMATION BOOKLET” of about 45 pages of pure gold- I’m a resource junkie)and more importantly a positive attitude and grassroots approach to accessing what few programs where still out there and taking new folks. Refreshing! She also gave us the inside scoop on how to apply for programs and how to seek out the best resources for each individual person. Big ups to Anita! My evening was spent at the Centre for Social Innovation CSI ( If you don’t know about them look them up asap, amazing low cost events and affordable meeting spaces and work spaces are just the beginning! The speakers, Maria Moriarty of Alpha Plus and Justin Kozuch of Refresh Events were great! Maria’s presentation and resources were worth so much more than my $5.00 entrance. She gave a step by step break down of her journey from newbie to podcaster, 7 episodes, ( ) using witty humor and honest personal accounts. The best thing was that coming from a literacy organization she was bare bones in her approach, free software resources and a realistic approach to technology. Tech Soup sponsor of the Net Tuesday event at CSI ( ) offers super discounted software and some hardware to non profits. Such as Adobe Dreamweaver software for $41.00, crazy deal! They have an entire catalogue of donated products, if you’re starting a nonprofit this could save you thousands of dollars. Today I’m going to work on my old school traditional market trend analysis, knowing I have the survey results takes so much pressure off. I’m actually starting to look forward to seeing the results, I’m realizing it’s crucial to know these tidbits of info in order to build a strong foundation and survive, the failure rate of new businesses is a sure fire incentive to do my homework. Michelle N.B. On a side note check out ), is there anything the Toronto Public Library can’t do? I have no problem publicly announcing my long time love affair with TPL.

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