Friday, January 22, 2010

Survived another week!

In the tradition of dragging myself to work, I took a wee Price is Right detour. My friends and partners are always surprised I love this show since it's so capitalistic and all about brand placement. One partner said it was an hour long commercial (obviously that one didn't work out..)... I get it, but it's something I watched when I was home sick as a child. It has nurturing qualities for me........ Anyway, on TPIR a woman won $16,000 and she ran and hugged the sound and camera people. It made me wonder if it's time I sent out a thank you to all the folks behind the scenes in my little show. I hope today is my last day of MARKET ANALYSIS (it's all caps baby!) for the gallery, next week I start on the community space M.A then hopefully fun stuff, like planning! Although I still hate it, I get it. I understand the pure value of it and I understand why businesses close that haven't done this work, they simply have no idea of the industry or the market, even if they have worked directly in the industry. Seriously it's important stuff. Happy Friday, Michelle P.s. Thanks Caro and D, currently, my two followers. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Get out the hair brush microphones and dance around your living room to the musical styling of Tika and Bunny. Silliness is the only true survival tool!

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