Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Money Money Money

The best way to explain my day is to just let you know what I'm listening to as I write this...... (for the silly 15 year old grrl in me) (for the jaded, worried part of me) (for the capitalist in me) (for the part of me that loves musicals)

Are you seeing a theme? I'm worried about money today. I'm worried about asking for money for my services. As a social worker I always gave them away for free- the greater good kinda thing (bullshit) propagated by the culture of volunteerism, low wages and student practicums that are prevalent in women based industries. How do I make a living working with the marginalized? I hope I'm not building myself and other woman another beautiful lace ghetto..... How do I stay clean, transparent and honorable around money in this society? How do I work with artists, pay them very well, but not take money from them in ways other art orgs do, such as submission fees, pay to displays and others (the stories about how much women have paid and never seen their work shown is shocking). The market research will be done this week. Then I'll probably have more of a feeling of forward momentum. I'm worried about money today, and letting everyone down. Michelle

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