Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Monday

The first Monday morning of the new business in this new year, of a new decade. Not too much pressure or optimism..The first day of taking the business start up seriously, as my fulltime job. Woke up late (probably didn’t help that I didn’t set an alarm- I’m sure I’ll figure out this independent structure thing somehow). Plunked myself down here without the morning meditation, walk in the park or organic breakfast that I was going to have before my 9am start time, it’s 11:05. Spent a fair bit of my morning work time looking for a theme song or sound track that would motivate me, got lost in you tube. Maybe no you tube during work hours? Wow I guess I’ll have to get in touch with reality pretty quickly and let this perfectionism go if I’m going to keep with this. I got here and for today that’s going to be perfect, as my darling friend Caro would say! Cup of coffee and I’m off to work at my kitchen table in my fluffy slippers. The urge to tidy up the house (read somewhere to use morning energy- the best time for most- and to bypass cleaning and other household stuff. Wow I didn’t realize I woke up every morning and cleaned.. WTF, what is that about and when did that start!) Also resisting every urge I have to start right away with email and facebook, that’s the old me- the social worker, today I start with my work then later I look at the work others are trying to give me…. I can’t believe I almost turned on the very loud dishwasher and then was going to try to work with it on so that the dishes would be done? Now I understand why starting a business for women can be such a challenge. So much conditioning I thought I had kicked in the ass…What’s that phrase zen and then the laundry, where does small business fit, inbetween them, before zen?I need a calendar app for zen.. I find myself randomly getting up and wandering away then realize I’m folding laundry, weather stripping (seriously!), chatting with friends on the phone or watching games shows. Who knew how many walk-abouts I have in my day to day life? Focus- Today is all about getting my virtual realestate. For now I’m going to go free, I’ll buy space later when I’m sure that I’m happy with my name and all that…. I’ve created a free survey at, I’m using my social work background as best I can, all that time and money should be used, but never mind that. In social work we called it a needs assessment, speaking directly with the community or clients to determine the need, than try to meet it. There are also a few participatory research models I like but that’s too academic for this early in the morning. 1. Free blog- 2. Free website- (It has ads so I’ll use it for now in the meantime I’ll see..) 3. Adding both of this to my email signature in my free gmail account Okay so now I’m going to go and do it….. Happy Monday, Michelle P.s. So work oriented I forgot to talk about my biz... tuesday I promise!

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