Monday, January 25, 2010

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more!

I'm planning a free get together, networking, happening, be in, gathering type thing for women artists in the city. I'm moving this thing off my couch and outta my house, interacting with people rather than my napping cats. It's what I need to keep up my momentum and my enthusiasm and let folks in. I've done my work, sat with the idea and can talk about it with clarity and ease. I know who I am and what I do, different from only a month ago. I did some research to find affordable rentals spaces in my area, if they aren't available there are tons of churches, temples and synagogues with halls in the city that offer free or very reasonable rental rates for such events. Don't let money be a barrier in starting your business.

Is it time to come clean? There's no trust fund here, no rrsp's, no savings, no sock drawer or bra money. No bank loans, no credit cards, just me. Don't let it be a barrier, just think of it as chapters for your book or content for your interview with Barbara or Oprah. Michelle

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