Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dragging myself out of bed today was no small task. Today’s focus, Market Analysis. Of which I know nothing except that it has the word anal in it, that can’t be good…. I’m airy, artsy, creative, and a renegade against form, function and rules. How the hell do I sit down (1), long enough to do this (2) and actually understand what I am to do(3)? I went to the local library branch in my area; they had one book on Market Trends its 376 pages with statistics in 6 point font, page after page. My eyes HATE it, and keep blurring in protest! These were not designed to actually be read, now I want to read it to find out what they are hiding! I thought I'd use a small font so you can feel like you are here! I called Enterprise Toronto and they sent me tons of great research, now I just need to wade through. So you might be thinking, you want to start a women’s art gallery and community meeting space why all the trouble? Seems that this stuff is ultra important in establishing what the “competition” is doing (such an un-feminist, sister working against sister term, but all the market and money stuff is so male in approach and terminology) who the “target” is, and how much money the industry has in it. Every single you go gettem girl make your own career rah rah book I’ve read, I’ve been eating them up like brownies, has said this stuff is important. So I’m listening and with no aptitude or tolerance for math, science or statistics I’m diving in, the deep end. Now mind you I’ve been around the block, I know how to network and tap into the resources of my community. None of my close friends have any idea. (There’s a business idea for you, I have tons, no worries if this one doesn’t excite you). Okay so I could easily write 50 pages of rambling to keep me from this work, so enough. Lost in pages of tiny numbers, Michelle P.s. Don’t feel too bad for me, I’m attending the Toronto Business Development Talk at YES- employment services this afternoon, and a Making your own Podcast seminar at the Centre for Social Innovation this evening.

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