Thursday, December 30, 2010

Art For All Canada announces the upcoming AFAC 2011 Conference for Artists and Art Show

This was sent to me from Sheila J Mitchell, she is doing amazing work with her non-profit! Check out the details below on a call for artists and an upcoming conference.

Happy and Healthy 2011 to all.

Art For All Canada announces the upcoming AFAC 2011 Conference for Artists and Art Show
a not-for-profit event for artists by artists. The Conference will be held March 5-6th, 2011, 10am-4pm; and Art Show: March 5-12th at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am inviting you to circulate this email to your members and students about the conference.

This is an annual event run by artists for artists to promote artistic products and artist self-marketing advice.

Our website is
The conference agenda is at:

Please let me know if you need more information.
Best regards, Sheila
Sheila J Mitchell
Executive Director
Art For All Canada, Inc.
a not-for-profit organization ~ run by artists, for artists

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A day in the life- it sounds bad but I wouldn't have it any other way!

A typical day. I'm not sure if other entrepreneurs would agree on the hours, maybe it's my dyslexia that slows things down or the scope of my project (which is vast) but my days are very packed. I'd love to hear from others out there on their typical day.
This is a week where I am preparing for an event so there is more to do than usual, but my average day is at least 12 hours. I know I am a true entrepreneur because even with 12-16 hour days I still wouldn't want to quit and return to the 9-5 workforce- that would be the worst thing I could possibly imagine! This may be different for you. Some folks like structure created for them, I like to build my day when I wake up and go from there.

11:00am wake up- I'm a late riser usually between 11am-1pm. I don't do mornings, mainly because I do late nights, I have a saying- nothing that good happens during the day!

11:00am-12:00pm- Coffee and The Price is Right- my vice, during commericals plan my day. I have an open word file on my desk that I add to throughout the day, it could be for the day, the next day, the week, the month or the year. I find this works very well for me.

12:00pm-1:00pm- Photo shopping images for the Angel Photography

1:00-2:00 Dropping off post cards in the Junction Area- also to Wise Daughter's

2:00pm-2:50pm- I head off to my local Social Assistance Office/ Employment Centre to use their free computers & printer(There are hundreds of these in the city- draw back most have a limit of 10 printed pages per day- but they are flexible if you chat with them) - ink is expensive and still not something I am willing to spend money on, especially when just a few minutes walk away I can get it for free.

2:50pm-3:00pm- Email- there is always a sea/ chat with my friends Deb and Caro while working. Also I find myself apologising alot for not returning calls/ emails. The volume is pretty crazy if folks only knew..... Also folks think that we are a full staff, when we are only me (right now).

3:00pm-3:30pm Update Face book with images for the Angel Sale while being on hold for 35 minutes with Revenue Canada- HST question- round five err no this is six actually.

3:30pm-4:00pm Complete and re-send 211 application- my original format can't be read because I used Open Office- If I had a dollar for things I have to redo on this computer.....

4:00pm-4:30pm Back to the sea of emails/ face book messages- I have two emails accounts and Facebook. I use the two accounts to manage business from personal, but this is the body politics, the personal is the professional

4:30-5:00 A quick stroll to my beloved library- books waiting for me!

5:00pm-7:00pm Imagine Canada Research- It's so incredibly rich with resources- thus dense as dense can be, probably thousands of pages, I need a team to get through this and I'm working on assembling such a team (check email responses from volunteers)

7:00pm-9:00pm- Website work, redo my posting, and yes you guessed it email.

9:00pm-11:35pm Flyering local churches in the area with Angel Supporter flyers....Church/ Angel thought it was a good connect. Cold ass night- cold alert in effect.

11:35pm dinner with my baby

12:00am-1:30am Photo shopping- Create an poster for the Angel Investors (watch a little Jon Stewart while doing such)

1:30am-2:00am- Email checking/ Face book - everyone is sleeping so I can finally clear out my mail boxes

2:00-4:00 working on frames/ painting/ sanding etc.

4:00am fall asleep while reading

P.s. I of course eat through out the day!!!! Usually while working or on the bus/ while out running errands

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Left Wing Pinko's... I'm sensing it's going to be a bit of a bumpy road for artists?

Okay so I'm going out on a limb here but I think we'll need to strongly organize to keeps the arts alive during Ford's term in office.

We are screwed,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will you take the blue pill or the red pill, drink the kool-aid, let them eat cake!

Okay not sure how cake fits in but it's the holidays and I really love cake.... Any ways, TWWAN is facing a dilemma, soon we'll have a fundraising committee and I'll have many talented amazing women to ask for advice but now it's just me. I'm excited for discussions with others and yes even heated ones!

The problem is this......
Campaign's such as this, where a creepy company gives away funds to a non-profit, small woman based start-up or targets marginalized people and their need for funding and support.
In exchange for our soul... oops I mean your picture on an Alesse ad!
Everyone is doing it it seems from Walmart to Pepsi.

The Alesse site has a sign-up section, a share with your friends section, and neither had any info that I could find about personal information from this contest being shared with other agencies, for Alesse's own promotion or to sell to third parties. So I wonder how much are they making off of women's personal information, enough to cover a mere $5000.00 prize?Hell ya!

Do me and my non-profit org want to be the face of this re branding of capitalism? That's easy No, NO, I DON'T!

But wait is it that easy in a time of cut backs, fewer grants, fewer dollars for personal donations. Do I smile and hold the pepsi (which in University I began boycotting because of their "use" of East Timorese labour force) in order for women to have a gallery and start earning a living wage.

Do I fill out the simplest grant application ever (The Alesse grant) in my sleep, even though I know the history of developing nations women and the terrible experimentation for first world women?
I don't use birth control, it fucks up my body, it makes me an emotional wreak, the delicate eco-system of Michelle simply can't handle it. Do I pretend for the sake of others? Capitalism is so corrupt, have does one work with money and stay clean, moral and ethical? As as a privileged woman who can contemplate this moral divide and decide not to take money I know I'm truly lucky, but what about groups, clubs or orgs that have no other choice? What happens when capitalism hides in the disguise of socialism? What happens when our non-profits are being directed by capitalism in their missions, objectives and the services they deliver? Will it still be such a party in celebration of women, of transwomen? I'm scared!

So again back to the moral high ground, the empty moral high ground with no gallery and no services for women. Is there a middle ground? 

Broke but morally rich! Lucky me!

4 Hours or Le$$ ~ Soap and Body Care Classes

You love colleen and her soap already! You may not have know that her name is Colleen though. She sells her beautiful soap at the West End Framers Market, in Saurean Park.
Organic delights- I'm a fan of the Aquarius bar- spicy! Now she's going to let you peek behind the curtain, all the secrets you'll learn. Check out the details below.

P.s. Holiday gift idea!!!

Colleen Lowe, The Soap Lady who is owner and developer of organic soaps at Enfleurage Organics, is going to be sharing her secrets during soap making and body care classes in 2011.

At the moment she has 2 locations; 1 in Oakville and the other in Brampton and as soon as That’s Womens Work has taken up space (hopefully real soon!) then there will be classes in the Roncy part of Toronto as well.

Not only do you learn but you take product home when class is over !! how fun is that!

Check out the classes offered at on their Registration Page.

PS: You’d better hurry with your registration as seating is limited and what a great way to start off the New Year with New Knowledge

Call for submissions! Femme paperdoll zine

Femme Paperdolls- Call for Submissions!!!.by Taueret Manu on Monday, November 29, 2010 at 2:17pm.Hey Ferocious Folk!
I am in the process of creating a femme paperdoll zine. I want to immortalize you and your style in all of your femme-gendered fabulousity.

This project will be Femme of Color-centered (What does this mean? It means that FOCs will not be othered! The majority of dolls with be of Color), slutty (want your paperdoll to be naked with just a couple of leather strips and sequined bits as clothes, GREAT!), and all about the amazing style that runs free in our Femmetopia!!!

I want fat bodies, not-fat bodies, grrl bodies, boy bodies, trans bodies, crip bodies. High-end fashion, DIY fashion, stripper shoes, vintage flair, b-grrl realness. Everything in between.

What do submissions look like? Send me clear full body pictures and pictures of your fave outfits, pieces of clothes, and accessories. They can be photos or drawn. But photos are fine! Send me written pieces about your favorite style tips, how you shop, thrifting for fat femmes, your favorite stores, makeup tips for Femmes of Color, body liberation through fashion, and other great things.

The deadline for submissions is February 14th, as I want to get this published by my birthday (release party anybody?!!!).
Please share all over the internet!

OHHH this project is so exciting! Be sure to send something in!
Michelle van Looy

Monday, December 6, 2010


Thanks for an amazing resource Mary Moorehouse!

Below is information on the OCC's new online version of its CraftSource 2011 publication.
Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
CraftSource 2011: 36th Annual Craft Shows Book + Craft Resource Guide

CraftSource is the most reliable, and accurate craft show and resource guide on the market - and now it's free!
For the 2011 publication, we have worked hard to bring you the same CraftSource that you have trusted throughout the years, but in a new format: as a free, downloadable pdf document. Now you have all the information you need at your fingertips, and at no cost!

Until this past year in 2010, CraftSource has been for sale at a cost of $24.00 for members and $30.00 for the general public. With access to information becoming so readily available on the internet, we decided to produce CraftSource 2011 as a free downloadable publication for the entire craft sector to benefit from. By doing so, we continue to uphold our reputation for compiling the most accurate craft show and resource guide on the market, all while giving you access to the information in a very efficient, easy-to-use format. Added benefits of this online publication include hyperlinks both from advertisements and show listings direct to the related business website. For those of you who’ve always supported CraftSource, we hope you enjoy the new evolution of this publication.

So, without further ado, please go ahead and check out CraftSource 2011:

And if you would like to advertise in our 2012 issue, please take a look at our media kit:
For more information, please contact Valerie Mclean, OCC Membership and Advertising Coordinator, at 416-925-4222 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 416-925-4222 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 221 or

The OCC gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations, as well as the McLean and Henry White Kinnear Foundations:

You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Ontario Crafts Council
Unsubscribe from this list
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Update your profile

Our mailing address is:
Ontario Crafts Council
990 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H1

Add us to your address book

Friday, December 3, 2010


SATURDAY DECEMBER 4th at 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talk about a woman at work! Tracey TieF workshops would make amazing gifts for that hard to buy for person:0)

In the newsletter almost everything was a link, my appoligises it didn't seem to transfere. Check out her website at for more info.

Don't forgot to shop local this holiday season,

EVENTS: Love Lab, Soap, Non Toxic Living, Emergency Gift Making, Incense and Perfume, Workshops and Events HOLIDAY FAIRS: Gingerbread Fair, Holiday Art Market, Whimsical Winter Craft Fair & Silent Auction, Dufferin Winter Fair (Come by and save the 13% Tax!)

SPECIALS: Holiday Gift Sets and Specials FREE WORKSHOP for you! Holiday Workshop Promo! DIY and Wholesale Sale! Up To 50% Off! TESTIMONIAL of The Month: Independent Research Group Rates Anarres One of the Safest Manufacturers in the World! Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database (When medical grade alcohol is your ingredient of greatest concern, you feel proud to be noticed!)

NEWS: Essential Oils, Tub Truffles, Hemp Oil! New for December! Thanks and Photos from my trip with the Caravan to Close the School of the Americas

Coming Soon! Rogers TV "shoots" feature on at Anarres and Learns to Make Lotion from Scratch!

BONUS ARTICLE: Homemade Broth: Devil or Angel?

Be the Change You Want To See in the World ACTION ALERT:

Buy the 2011 Bicycle Calendar to support Cyclo Nord Sud and Bike Lanes on Bloor Campaign

Want Alternative Health Care Covered by Insurance and OHIP? The Process Starts Here

As The Harper "Government" Embarrasses The Intelligent Canadian Public At The Cancun Climate Talks, Join the Canadian Alliance for Petroleum Peddlers in thanking the delegates for doing nothing. Gracias Por Nada

Anarres newsletters are sent only once per month and (almost) always contain a bonus user-friendly article on a wholistic health topic. If you recently attended an Anarres event or have been in contact with me, you're getting this newsletter as a trial, and you can opt out. If you would like to join, or be removed from, the AnarresNatural Health newsletter list, you can do so directly, or please reply with the words join or remove and I will do so immediately. If you received this email in duplicate, please let me know and I will fix the problem!

Love & RRRRRRRevolution,








Tracey TieF

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

416.535.9620 or

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bennie and Olive Sale!!!!! Shop local!

Please come visit us on Saturday, December 4th or Sunday, December 5th from 11am-6pm in Studio 303 of the Case Goods Warehouse in the Distillery District. As always, we have tons of great gift items to help you wrap up (or start!) your holiday shopping.

Check out our website to do some pre-sale browsing

If you can't make it to the sale, you can order from the website. Shipping is free!!

Hope to see you there!
Jen Forrest
Bennie and Olive

55 Mill Street
Building #74, Studio #303

Bennie and Olive
65 Scadding Ave, PH23
Toronto ON
M5A 4L1
Phone: 416-301-1903

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anna Williats- Sunday Night Rise Up (Arts Related) events postings

Hi here they are for this week.

Creating the Sex We Want - Hosted by OCADSU

30 November · 6:00 - 8:00 pm
OCAD University - Location fully accessible
McCaul st Room 187, Ground Floor
Toronto, ON
Learn from skilled "sexperts" how to develop sexual consent and make great sex happen in this no-touch workshop. Together we will explore how sexual consent and good sex go hand in hand. Using arts-based approaches we will also uncover our individual styles and collective strengths around communicating about sex and sexuality. All sexual and gender identities are welcome!

Bios of presenters:
Lusty Day is a local queer anti-racist... writer and community organizer. She is also a sex worker and survivor of intimate partner violence. She leads workshops on anti-racism for white people, race/sex in intimate relationships, healthy consent, and on working in the sex industry. You can find her writings at and in her zine Whorelicious.

Roxanna Vahed has facilitated in the areas of gender based violence, peace and conflict tools for children, and anti-racism and sexuality. She has almost completed a program Expressive Arts Therapy in Toronto. Roxanna is a performer and dramaturge. Having co-founded the short lived feminist theatre collective in Montreal in early 2000, Roxanna’s commitment to theatre and its role in social change lead her to complete a MA in Drama at the U of T. In March through July 2008 Roxanna had the privilege to combine her expressive arts training with her theatre background, acting as dramaturge and artistic coach for H. Miranda on her biographical dance-narrative performance, depicting her experiences of returning to her family homeland of Guatemala in the role of a human rights witness. The piece, entitled Ni de Aqui, Ni de Aja (Neither from here, Nor from there), was performed at the Harbourfront as part of the Crossing Boundaries series. Since then Roxanna has been focusing on completing her Expressive Art therapy certification--with placements that include Sherbourne Health, Central Toronto Youth Services’ “Pride and Prejudice” program, the YWCA, and placements through out the city with bereaved children.
World AIDS Day Video Launch Party

30 November · 7:00 - 11:00 pm
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street
AIDS ACTION NOW! is hosting a pre-World AIDS Day get together to launch our World AIDS Day advocacy video calling for the end of the Harper government's denial of the right to health for Canadians living with and affected by HIV and Hepatitis C.

The video features the music of Toronto queer rock legends Kids On TV:
The launch party is hosted by:
Lex Vaughn as the hilarious Graham and Diane
With performers:
The legendary ILL NANA
The Ladybear Extraordinaire Fay Slift
Hostess Miss Margot
Djs: Shane MacKinnon and John Caffery

This is a fundraiser for AIDS ACTION NOW! and we will be asking for 'pay what you can' donations to support our ongoing organizing work.

AIDS ACTION NOW! T-shirts, buttons and Harper=Death buttons will be available for sale

Doors open at 7:30 pm for performer sign-up and free pizza
Show starts at 8 pm
12 Alexander St, in the Cabaret
...Free Admission, or Pay What You Can
THEME: Are you there, God? It's ME! DAINTY!
Queer Cab is Buddies' all-ages, monthly open mic for queer youth (under 25 to perform; ATTENDANCE OPEN TO ALL AGES). Each month there's a different special guest host and different theme.

With 5 minutes, a bare stage, a microphone, a CD player, a video projector and a piano ... we want to see what you can do!
Come out and support young, local, up-and-coming talents of GET ON STAGE yourself at Queer Cab!

*** QUEERCAB is a wheelchair accessible event for both audience members and performers. ***
NEXT QUEER CAB join us as your HOST: DAINTY BOX begs the question Are you there, God? It's ME! DAINTY!

HOST: Dainty Smith is a Toronto based writer - actor - burlesque performer. She has been making art in Toronto for six years. She has performed at several pride stages and shared the stage with Leisha Hailey of L Word fame and Kinnie Starr. She has performed at the Gladstone Hotel and Buddies in Bad times and the Tranzac.

She is a storyteller, who believes that through the art of storytelling or truth telling and a willingness to be exposed that genuine human connections can be made. She is interested in telling stories regarding race, religion, sexuality and challenging social boundaries. She writes in first person narrative,essayist style,in this particular style of mixing sugar with medicine in this form of writing through humour and sincerity emotional doors can be opened.

She has written for Sway magazine, About magazine and Xtra! Newspaper. It is vitally important to her to show reflection and representation in the queer community. She is also one of the co-producers of the art collective Colour Me Dragg and a member of the art collective Les Blues. She is currently working on a one-woman play entitled Letters To my Elders.
COME OUT TO SUPPORT TWWAN's very own Board of Director- Wendy Babcock
Women's Struggles in Toronto: Violence Against Women

04 December · 10:00 am - 12:30

Location TBA
Revolutionary Women's Collective presents:
Women's Struggles in Toronto: Violence Against Women

As we come close to the December 6th Memorial, reflecting on the lives have been lost because of violence... We invite you to join us to listen and share amongst community organizers that work to end violence against women and children. Speakers include:

* Wendy Babcock - Sex Worker Rights Activist & Safer Stroll Project for Sex Workers

* Faith Nolan - Musician, Songwriter, Activist speaking about her experience with women in the prison system

* Anna Willats - Community Activist and member of the Shelter/Sanctuary/Status coalition that works with anti-violence organizations that provide support services to women fleeing violence that emphasize a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy" as a crucial service provision to ALL women regardless of their status

* Connie Sorio - activist & member of Migrante

***Mark the DATE!!

Stay tuned for future educationals and lead up to our solidarity in the International Women's Day March in 2011.

Organized by the Revolutionary Women's Collective (formerly known as the Migrant Women's Coordinating Body): includes individuals and members of various organizations and networks, such as: BASICS Community News Service, Canadian HART, Migrant-Ontario, Barrio Neuvo, CUPE local 4308, UFCW local 1000A, Justicia for Migrant Workers, Gabriela Organizing Committee, May First Movement Coalition)

Find us on facebook: or by searching Revolutionary Women's Collective
PASAN & Rittenhouse Dance-a-Thon & Fundraiser - Dec. 12, 6:00 p.m.

Prisoners' HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN) and Rittenhouse are having a
dance-a-thon and fundraiser.

Sunday, December 12, 2010
6:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
at Buddies and Bad Times Theatre

12 Alexander Street (Alexander & Yonge)
There will be:
Free Food from 6 - 8pm
Silent Auction 8 - 9 pm
Salsa lessons 9 - 10pm

Drag shows, Danethon and 50/50 draws from 10pm - 2am*
* Pledge forms can be downloaded on PASAN website or you can

pick them up at PASAN office - 314 Jarvis St., Ste 100

For more information contact us:

Tickets cost $20 or find people to pledge you for the dancethon for up to $20 or more
And finally, not arts related but just simply a piece of good news!!

Good night,

Working for free--- oppps I mean volunteering:0(

 We are called That's Women's Work, not that's women making no money and falling further behind... so do you see the pressure:0) I have been outspoken for years about volunteering as I have logged hundreds maybe thousands of volunteer hours which resulted in very little. I realise that there where holes- I didn't let folks know what skills I had, what skills I hoped to build, who I would like to shadow and the importance of meeting the leaders of their agencies/ businesses to network and build relationships. I'll do my best to be sure that happens for my volunteers.

It's idealistic- but who the hell cares, I'm dreaming big and (insert every other cliches that exists here) _____________.

What I want to figure out how to provide for That's Women's Work volunteers...
1) Transportation to and form
2)Child-care during volunteer times
3)Food at volunteer sessions
4)Transferable skills that actually lead to employment
5)Skill matching with the volunteer's background and qualifications
6)Networks, community and support
7)A mentoring program beyond That's Women's Work- a connection to individual contacts in city agencies and community resources.

Hhhhmm, Again nice small tasks to work out in a day or two. Also again with no money....

What I've read to date....
A Research Project for Volunteer Victoria
Researcher: Wendy Barbulak, BA, BSW
January 2003

Immigrant Women as Volunteers: Benefits for Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations
 Fay Fletcher, Blythe Campbell, Jeneane Fast
Changing Together… A Centre for Immigrant Women

Can volunteer work help me get a job in my field?": On learning, immigration and labour markets
Daniel Schugurensky, Bonnie Slade and Yang Luo
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education / University of Toronto

If volunteer management makes you happy drop me a line and we can chat over coffee!
Happy Sunday,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Call for Toronto Poets! ASAP action needed!

Reply if you would like to perform with Toronto Poets any of the nights of next week's GTA tour, which starts this Sunday night!

There are only a few spaces left!...If you plan to attend just to watch please let us know which night(s) and invite your friends by forwarding this email!

Watch our short commercial at for The 3rd Annual GTA Faith Summit At Toronto Poets’ 7 consecutive nights of Talent, Talk & Teaching, Sunday, Nov.28th-Saturday, Dec.4th from 7:30-9:30pm each night all across the GTA.

Performances on the open mic do not have to be related to faith....just your best poetry or songs!

Come meet up with other poets and poetry lovers who have registered on like you!!

Enjoy dinner while you take in the performances, the talk show, and learn how to be healthy, wealthy and wise....most nights Toronto Poets will be teaching you how to live your dreams this decade!!! (

You can also register for any of the 7 shows on our NEW Facebook fan page at

-Each night is free for all media to attend to cover this groundbreaking event open to all, and supported by multiple faith groups across the Greater Toronto Area....We will be filming for our TV show!-

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So in the past I have been worried I'm writing to myself, throwing my words and intentions to the wind, but the outpouring of people responding to our volunteer requests have been incredible! I'm so excited that I won't be alone anymore in this effort to build the gallery! And the responses, so perfect, where have all these amazing women been hiding?

Your experiences, your backgrounds, your willingness to support my effort even though you've never met me! Amazing. I asked folks to send me one page about themselves and you have sent me resumes- like you need to impress me!

It's absolutely the other way around, I'm awed and feel like I need to prove myself to you! I'm so deeply touched at your generosity to share your time in this very hectic city in your very busy lives.

Goodnight lovelies,

Junior Legue of Toronto! Tea for Teens such a great cause!

This is a great cause to help teens who are homeless or living in shelter. Teens are often overlooked but need just as much love, care and support as the wee ones. Especially at the holidays. for a direct link to the event invitation for history- also links to register if you know a teen in need

Amazing work!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mondo Bazaar at the Gladstone

Saturday, November 27 · 10:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

More Info

Monday, November 22, 2010

Toronto Poets

Watch the commercial and be a part of us making history!

Watch the commercial and be a part of us making history!

Visit Toronto Poets' site for GTA tour venues:

What's up at Toronto Poets?
  • Take the Dream Decade Challenge Today! From: TorontoPoets
    October 14, 2010
    91 views Loading...What is your dream for the decade? What do you want to be doing by 2020? Toronto Poets and TJ Solutions have joined forces to challenge you to dream big dreams for the decade and help you live them! Book us for a Dream Decade Challenge performance or workshop today! ... (more info)
3rd Annual GTA Faith Summit-Calling people of all faiths together! From: TorontoPoets

  • November 05, 2010
    49 views Loading...The 3rd Annual GTA Faith Summit is calling you together with people of all faiths and atheists and agnostics to answer this one two-part question: What is the solution to all of the world's problems, and how can we arrive at world peace
And the world tour!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free, low cost and sliding scale community arts events! From Rise Up Newsletter via Anna Williats

Amazing arts based events for this week!

As always we'll post free, low cost and sliding scale events:0)
Fabric of Violence: Fabricating Change art exhibit
Opening on Thursday November 25, 2010, 7:00 to 9:00 PM (exhibition till
December 10, 2010)
At the Raging Spoon (761 Queen Street West, Toronto)

This event, hosted by THRIVE, the multicultural women's coalition against
violence and oppression, is part of the global 16 Days of Activism Against
Gender Violence campaign. The opening is on November 25 and the exhibit will
be on display until December 10.

Contact and info:
Women's Voices Rising forum
Saturday December 11, 2010, 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
At Metro Hall (55 John Street, Toronto)

This forum, hosted by THRIVE, the multicultural women's coalition against
violence and oppression, is part of the global 16 Days of Activism Against
Gender Violence campaign. Open to participants who identify as women or
trans. Come for food, speakers and workshops.

Registration deadline: December 3, 2010 (November 22 if you require ASL or

Register online:
Contact and info:
GrannyBoots Presents: Q-LIT! Spoken word night!!!!
24 November at 10:00 pm
The Melody bar,in the Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON

Spoken word is powerful, revolutionary, challenging and sexy, dammit!
Showcasing speakers: Kim Katrin Crosby
Chase Tam
Aemilius Ramirez
Parul Provocation Pandya
With music by the amazing Ayo Leilani!!!!!!
And so many others!
REVERBERATIONS: Community, Healing & Social Activism through Music
Sakamoto Izumi invited you · Share · Public event
26 November · 7:00 - 9:00 pm
3rd Floor Student Lounge, Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
246 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

Join Roy Hirabayashi (founder and excecutive diirector) and PJ Hirabayashi (artistic director) of San Jose Taiko, in a conversation about music, activism, and connections across boundaries. San Jose Taiko is the 3rd oldest taiko (Japanese big drum) ensemble in the US, born out of the Asian American movement of the 1960's.

More more information about San Jose Taiko:
Roy and PJ will be joined by special guest Kiy...oshi Nagata, founder and artistic director of Toronto's Nagata Shachu, as well as the stronghold of the city's taiko presence for three decades.

More information about Nagata Shachu:
This is a FREE event organizing by the Raging Asian Women Taiko Drummers (RAW), supported by the Toronto Arts Council, San Jose Taiko, and the Arts and Social Work Research Initiative (ASWRI) of the Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto.

For more information, please contact or visit
MUSKRAT Magazine Launch & Creation Tales
Saturday Nov. 27, 2010

At Walnut Studios, 83 Walnut Avenue (near Bathurst and King)
7:00pm to 10:00pm

With Special Guest Storytellers:
Come sit around the fire and listen to The Anishinabek Creation Story (inspired by Muskrat) and told by Mnijikining storyteller, Mark Douglas

Witness Creation, a Video Performance by Métis Visual Artist, Tannis Neilson
New Works showcase by:
Visual Artist Travis Shilling &
Filmmaker & Photographer Keesic Douglas

MUSKRAT is an on-line Indigenous arts, culture, and living magazine that honours the connection between humans and our traditional ecological knowledge by exhibiting original works and critical commentary. MUSKRAT embraces both rural and urban settings and uses media arts, the Internet, and wireless technology to investigate and disseminate traditional knowledges in ways that inspire their reclamation.

Sponsored by national Indigenous Sovereignty Week, November 21-27, 2010 and Defenders of the Land

Free event, child friendly, sorry not wheel chair accessible
I know how hard it is to get away from the computer and out to events, especially now that it gets dark at 4:30 and it is freakin cold, but it's important to stay connected.

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Selling online a dead end? Really?

ART Professionals Worldwide a newsletter I find very interesting, had the following link today talking about how online arts sales aren't what they are cracked up to be.. I'm not so sure though that they also included traditional arts and crafts ex. ETSY.

Suggestions of how to move further also included:0)

Happy Saturday,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Arts Matter - in Parkdale-High Park and Nationwide

I found this on

HomeThe Arts Matter - in Parkdale-High Park and Nationwide

PrintWrite to editor Support rabble Corrections Start: Nov 20 2010 - 2:00pm
End: Nov 20 2010 - 4:00pm

Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Secondary School
1515 Bloor Street West (at Dundas)
Toronto, ON
See map: Google Maps

Please join Gerard Kennedy, MP for an open meeting for all artists, and those interested in the arts in our community, to discuss federal arts policies. Gerard welcomes special guest Pablo Rodriguez, MP and federal Opposition Critic, Heritage.

Contact name:
Melanie Melnyk
Contact email:

A multi-generational video mentorship program posting!


A multi-generational video mentorship program

The Project provides a unique opportunity to learn video production from professional artists and editors, using state-of-the-art high-definition cameras and the latest editing technology – all in a group environment that is queer positive, collaborative and supportive. Inside Out and Charles Street Video guide participants through a series of workshops in all aspects of video production – from script development to camera operation to editing and final post-production.

Inside Out will select eight individuals, 4 under the age of 25 and 4 over the age of 55, who identify as LGBTTI2QQ to participate in the project, each making a short video (7 to 10 minutes long) to be screened at the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival in May.

Eligibility Requirements:
· Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 24 years old or 55 years or older

· Applicants must have little to no experience making films or videos

· Selected participants must be able to commit to 16 hours/week over 4 months starting in January 2011. This commitment includes approximately five weekend-long intensive workshops.

Deadline for proposals: December 6, 2010

For applications and guidelines visit

For more information please contact Winnie Luk, Manager of Operations at (416) 977-6847 ext. 24

Friday, November 12, 2010

YES! Let's talk about failure and risk! Please! for Social Innovation, Experimentation and (Yes, Sometimes Even) Failure407

I try to write about failure and learning from a positive perspective being honest about my attempts and results(sometimes failures). In real-life I am terribly positive. When I write about failure folks send me emails telling me not to worry, those postings must come across negative and extreme, wonder if it's my honest processing or that we simply never openly taslk about our failures?

Happy Friday,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anna Williats listserv postings of events!

1. Please join Vtape at Buddies in Bad Times*

for a specially commissioned programme of video art

curated by the writer, critic and artist

RM Vaughan

"Mid-life Shelf Life"
Monday November 8, 2010, 7:00pm
Monday November 15, 2010, 7:00pm

Join us for screenings, conversations and revelations as works from the early days of video art meet their contemporary doppelgangers. Toronto artist, writer and curator RM Vaughan has assembled an intriguing and intuitive set of pairs – sometimes it is the younger self meeting the self-that-is-now of a single artist, sometimes it is an unknown spectre in a dark alley crossing the path of the present… The results are a tantalizing shiver of recognition.
Screenings will be interspersed with live flash-interviews and comments offered by the artists present and RM Vaughan himself.

*BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES is located at 12 Alexander Street, Toronto
The Programmes
MONDAY, November 8, 2010 7pm
Michael Cho Animal Appetites 1991
and Marcos Arriaga Tales of Winter 2009
Margaret Moores Marg’s Barking Dogs 1989
and Margaret Moores and Almerinda Travassos Lesvatar 2010
Mako Idemitsu Shadows Part 2 (excerpt) 1982
and Natalie Wood Medusa’s Hats 2005
Edward Lam Soul-Blind 1986
and Cameron Esler & David Bateman The Bather 2000
Glace W. Lawrence D-E-S-I-R-E 1989
and Guillermina Buzio the process of making consistent 2009
Tom Sherman Envisioner 1978
and Tom Sherman Cultures of Fear and Loathing 2007

MONDAY, November 15, 2010 7pm
Andrew James Paterson Trio 1984
and Andrew James Paterson The Enigma of S.A.P. 2008
Wendy Geller Six 1986
and Jason Ebanks & Ramon Charles Shadow Boxing 2001
Pratibha Parmar Sari Red 1988
and Farheen HaQ Endless Tether v. 2 2005
James MacSwain Amoeba Culture 1989
and Brenda Goldstein Horoscope 2007

Both programmes available on request at Vtape November 9 – December 18, 2010

Please contact Erik Martinson at Vtape to book class visits to view any Vtape Video Gallery program as well as other titles in the Vtape holdings and to have an orientation to Vtape and all the extensive research facilities available to students, curators, writers and the general public.

401 Richmond St., #452
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
416 351-1317

Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm
For more information, contact
2. Workshop Title: ‘Writing Fiction About Our Communities’

When: November 10th, 2010
6 - 9 pm
Where: East Mississauga Community Health Centre, 2555 Dixie Road (south-east corner of Dixie and Dundas, behind the Esso Station)

Who: All LGBTTIQQ2S women and trans folks
Workshop Description:

All queer women and trans people are invited to a workshop on writing identity with acclaimed novelistFarzana Doctor.

Come out for discussions around community and identity, experiential activities and writing exercises.

Our objectives are to explore creativity without critique.

All writing abilities and aspirations are welcome to attend. Bring a pen and paper.

Art making, bus tickets and a delicious dinner are all part of the package. Come out! Bring a friend!

To RSVP: please contact Cris Renna, Women’s Health and Education Coordinator at the Peel HIV/AIDS Network

905.361.0523 x 222 or

Facilitator Bio: Farzana Doctor’s first novel, Stealing Nasreen, received critical acclaim and earned a devoted readership upon its release in 2007. Her second novel, Six Metres of Pavement, will be published by The Dundurn Group in Winter 2011. Besides novels, Doctor has written on social work and diversity-related topics, and provides private practice consulting and psychotherapy services. She lives in Toronto, where she is co-curator of the Brockton Writers Series.
3.Caribbean Studies and A Different Booklist invite you to

“COOLIE PINK AND GREEN” (an experimental film of 25 min)

With Director and Author
Professor Patricia Mohammed
Institute for Gender and Development Studies and
Campus Co-ordinator Graduate Studies and Research
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
When: Friday November 12th, 7:00pm
Where: William Doo Auditorium
45 Willcocks Street (corner of Willcocks and Spadina)

Nov 12th – 4 pm free presentation; Dinner with musicians & speakers - 7 pm
Nov 13th – conference – 9 – 6, Dinner and play 6:30 at Friends House
Nov 14th – 9:30 – 1:30 - AGM – Hart House

All welcome! Student rates and sliding scale space available
Please inquire:; program details online:
5. Media Workshop: How to get your message in the media

13 November · 2:30 - 5:00 pm
Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor Street West
Media Workshop - How to get your message in the media
(Creating an alternative to the pro-war narrative)

Learn how to:
* Write a letter to the editor that will get published
* Use social media effectively (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
* Write a press release/advisory
* Be clear in your messaging
* Respond to reporter's questions
Organized by:
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is Toronto's city-wide peace coalition. Comprised of over 70 labour, student, faith and community organizations, TCSW is one of the largest member organizations of the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Dear friends
I am writing to invite you to "Not by Our Tears" a play written by Cheran and performed by Asylum Theatre Group. The event is being held to raise awareness about people suffering from disabilities due to the recent war in Sri Lanka. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to people with disabilities in Sri Lanka. Please contact me or the numbers below for tickets.

Asylum Theatre Group will present the play Not By Our Tears at the Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto on 13 November 2010 in two shows at 4:30PM and 8:00PM. Written by Toronto based poet and playwright R. Cheran, directed by Dushy Gnanapragasam, and designed by Eugine Vincent, the play was originally produced in November 2009 and had its premiere in Toronto. After spending a year touring various North American cities, the play is returning to its original venue.

Thirty years of war in Sri Lanka had an enormous impact on Tamil literature and theatre. The war came to an end in May 2009. The last phase of the war - described as a "War without Witnesses"- cost more than 40,000 Tamil civilian lives and the internment of more than 300,000 Tamils in various military-run camps in the Northern Sri Lanka. Not By Our Tears is the voice of thousands of voiceless people that were interned. While chronicling the story of internment, loss and trauma, the play skillfully articulates a poetic vision of mourning and hope.

Not by our Tears belongs to a special genre in the tradition of Tamil drama, commonly known as “verse play” (paa naadakam) or “play in poetry”. The objective of such performances is to offer a visual and oral representation of poetry. Traditionally, some of the most important plays in Tamil have been verse plays. In more recent years, this tradition of theatre merged with the practice of performing poetry orally for groups of interested listeners. The confluence of the two has given to this genre a particular resonance. A verse play is both contemporary and ancient; it combines the immediacy of oral poetry with the aesthetic distance of theatrical performance. Based on the English translation of contemporary Tamil resistance poetry by three major Tamil poets, namely, R. Cheran, V.I.S. Jayapalan and Puthuvai Ratnathurai, Not by our Tears skillfully weaves memory, history and narrative to evoke a haunting and heart-wrenching image of internment, loss, nostalgia, and resistance.

Event: R. Cheran’s verse play Not By Our Tears
Date: Saturday 13 November 2010; 4:30PM and 8:00PM
Venue:Robert Gill Theatre (inside University of Toronto’s Koffler Centre, 3rd floor)
214 College Street at St George Street (enter through St. George Street)

Tickets: $20 @ Box office: 416-978-7986
Suj: 647 836 6858
Info: Asylum Theatre Group:;
Robert Gill Theatre:;
Asylum Theatre;
7.The Molotov Rag presents "Folk The G20!"

14 November at 19:00 - 15 November at 00:00
Saving Gigi Cafe
859 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

Dear friends,
This city and its neighbouring townships have a story to tell, one of tragedy and bravery, of oppression and dissent. The Molotov Rag, with the help of our community, is embarking on its newest issue: A People’s History of the G20 in Toronto. We are telling our own narratives, from our own experiences, and without reservation. Those who have been denied their voice, will have their chance to speak. And to help make ...this chance happen, we are inviting you to come sing and dance as we Folk The G20!: a fundraiser in support of our fifth issue.

"Folk The G20!" is an evening of song and dance; an intimate and yet high-energy folk dance party that will keep your toes tapping longer and faster than a riot squad during the G20. With performances by Rambunctious, Chris Bezant, Byron, and more exciting acts to be announced, there's sure to be something everyone can dance to. You are also invited to bring an instrument and join in for an impromptu folk jam to keep the dance party going afterward - after all, we are strongest when we work together!

You will also have a chance to purchase official merchandise and back issues of The Molotov Rag, satisfy your cruelty-free sweet tooth with delicious vegan baked goods and refreshments, and try your luck at the raffle for a chance to win prizes!

Doors are at 7:00 p.m. at Saving Gigi Café, 859 Bloor Street West. $5 at the door, and no one will be denied access for lack of funds, or shoes. This is an all-ages, unlicensed, family-friendly event.

Please note that there is a slight step at the entrance and side door, and that washroom facilities are down a flight of stairs. You are invited to contact our Events Coordinator, (Liz Lemon through our Facebook group) if you have any accessibility needs. We will do our best to accommodate you. Our collective is dedicated to making this event as inclusive and non-oppressive as possible. Anarchy means no one left behind.

The Molotov Rag is an entirely volunteer-run collective. If you would like to join our community of enthusiastic volunteers, we can always use the help, and everyone is always welcome! Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Veronica Zelina to find out how you can help at the fundraiser or future events.

This is a public event. Please feel free to forward this invite far and wide.
With love and solidarity,
The Molotov Rag Collective
8. Lee Maracle Workshop “Resisting Colonization through Art”

Part of the Art of Decolonization workshop series that explores how Indigenous peoples express the experience of colonization across artistic disciplines, how colonization is resisted through arts expression, how arts contributes to the maintenance/recovery of culture and language, the intersections of decolonization work for both racialized and indigenous communities and, how relationships within and among communities are built using artistic processes, presented by Community Arts Ontario in partnership with Jumblies Theatre and Fixt Point Studio.

Date: November 25, 2010
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: FIXT POINT Studio, 1550 Queen Street West
Cost: $20 per seminar
CAO members, Students, Seniors, Unsalaried: $10
For more information, or to Register email
Advance registration advised as space is limited.

Lee Maracle: "Resisting Colonization through Art"

Much of the explosion in modern art among Indigenous people arises from resistance to colonization and leads to cultural reclamation. This workshop explores the world’s colonial foundations and how artists seek their place in it and out of it, through their art mediums.

Lee Maracle, born in North Vancouver, B.C., is of Salish and Cree ancestry and a member of the Sto:loh Nation. She is a mother of four and grandmother of four. Maracle is the author of a number of critically acclaimed literary works including: Sojourner's and Sundogs, Ravensong, Bobbi Lee, Daughters Are Forever, Will's Garden, Bent Box, and I Am Woman. She is also the co-editor of a number of anthologies including the award-winning publication, My Home As I Remember, and co-author of Telling It: Women and Language Across Culture. Maracle is currently the distinguished visiting professor of Canadian culture at Western Washington University.

Community Arts Ontario
354-401 Richmond St. West, Toronto ON M5V 3A8 416 598 1128 or toll free 1 800 806 2302
Visit for CAO membership information
Jumblies Theatre
416 203 8248,,
416 587 4346,,
1550 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Remember connecting with other folks is one of the best options!Get away from your computer and I'll get away from mine!!!


Research again? Yup research again..

I have been deep in the books, reading about what fundraising looks like, how it works, what letters look like and the rest...
Judy from Judy's Booty has offered to help and we also got an amazing donation of a one year donation of access to the Imagine Canada Directory and lovely helpful folks who want to talk over coffee and help!
Been reading the How-to-manual from Imagine Canada 72 pages via the computer- text reader- the automated computer voice, hard to listen to but much better than just reading. It's called Natural Reader and I'm using the free demo........ I wish it had a James Earl Jones option:0)

Very soon putting out a call for volunteers.. worried that no one will come, that no one is interested... just plain old worried........folks have so little time will anyone actually volunteer? Worried.... worried.....worried


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a protestant construction worker walks up to an irish girl with a stack of books....

Okay so it sounds sorta like the first line for a joke but.... On my way home from the library today I had a very large stack of books. One of the books fell from my pile. A construction worker came over to help me re-sort them, it was a very nice old-timey gesture. The book fundraising for non-profits lay on the ground between us.. (now a very brief re-en-actment of the occurance) Him: What are you fundraising for... Me: I tell him... Him: Then he tells me he is part of a protestant men's group that likes to give money away... Me:To a women's art organization?... Him: Hell ya... Me: Wow....... Me: Really? Him:Ya Him- Also suggested a few other area orgs to approach. Amazing day, what a great book! It helped me fund-raise and I didn't even open it! Have I become so entrenched in women's issues that I don't think to look into the larger community for assistance? hmmmm. What sort of parameters do we have to establish around groups we'll accept funding from? Do we accept money as long as there are no parameters on us? Hmmm. so much to think about would love to hear your feed back!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Posts from Anna Williats Sunday List Serv...

Amazing events, workshops and calls for artists! This weekly listserv is an asset to the community! Thanks Anna! Want details on how to join, drop me a line. Free, low cost and sliding scale events! Don't let cash be a factor in missing arts and culture in the city! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Bend it like Beckham has a special place in my heart.... come out if you too love Gurinder Chadha. The 10th International Diaspora Film Festival Opens with a Tribute to The Green Movement of Iran Back to the Roots is the theme of the 10th anniversary of the IDFF as we pay tribute to the Iranian roots of our festival. What began in 2001 as the Iranian Diaspora Film Festival quickly evolved into the International Diaspora Film Festival. The IDFF once again uses the medium of cinema to look at the hopes of people seeking a better life in a new country, the challenges of various cross-cultural moments, and the nostalgia of going back to one's roots. The festival opens with The Twenty Days that Shook Tehran, an underground documentary with an original twist. The film looks at the final twenty days leading to the much-disputed presidential election through the eyes of an Iranian theatre group. The screening will be followed by a lively panel discussion on the Green Movement with well-known political analysts. An Iranian theatre group also features in a fictional film by Iranian-Australian filmmaker Granaz Mousavi. My Tehran for Sale , made in the streets of Tehran under perilous circumstances, presents a daring view of urban subculture and the muted rebellion of youth. From Iran we move to neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq to present films dealing with social and political issues in these countries. These are movies with enduring themes of love and loss, laughter and redemption. Applauded at the Critic's Week of the Cannes Film Festival, Shahram Alidi's Whisper with the Wind is described by Le Monde as "one of the most contemplative films to watch today, a visual poem crammed with unbelievable landscapes, elegiac sequences impressive in their sheer majesty". Truly beautiful to watch, Whisper with the Wind, filmed on location in Iraqi Kurdistan, tells the story of an extraordinary messenger who records the voices of soldiers and refugees to deliver back to their families. We're proud to present Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice) and her new killer comedy It's a Wonderful Afterlife, the story of an Indian mum in England whose match-making efforts to marry off her daughter turn deadly. In Chicas, Yasmina Reza, the luminous French playwright/filmmaker of Iranian descent, tells another "back to the roots" story of the beautifully aging Spanish Pilar (Carmen Maura) and her three grown daughters, brought up in France. The daughters are alternately catty and supportive of each other, yet unanimous in their criticism of Pilar and her new boyfriend. We find a similar theme in the short film Annie de Francia, where a Spanish mother and her two daughters embark on a road trip from France to Spain to attend the wedding of a cousin they have never met. Rising Canadian filmmaker Noah Pink from Halifax will present his Cannes 2010 hit ZedCrew. Shot on location in Zambia, Noah follows a rap group that resorts to desperate measures to get to New York. Zambian hip-hop artist Alvin Fungo delivers a breakout performance, backed by his own original music. The film is presented as a double bill with Only When I Dance, a documentary that similarly captures the dreams of two black youth from the favelas in Brazil. Despite poverty and prejudice, the two are determined to use dance as an escape from the harsh realities of daily life. In the entertaining and thought-provoking film Ayla by SuTurhan, cultural and generational clashes within the Turkish community in Germany are explored alongside a traditional love story. Tony Gatlif's film Freedom (Korkoro) goes beyond clash of cultures to unravel the oppression of Gypsies by the Vichy government of France during WWII. Winner of the Audience Award at the Montreal Film Festival, Tony Gatlif (Exiles, Crazy Stranger) mixes his filmmaking and musical talents to produce a bitter-sweet tale of compassion against a backdrop of power gone amok. Multi-award winning Bandhobi is the tale of a rebellious Korean teenager and her Bangladeshi emigrant friend, while Bollywood Hero follows the theme of cultural differences. When a Dutch actor witnesses a horrific accident in Mumbai where a street girl is killed, he is compelled to try to change the order of things to appease his guilt. Altiplano, the winner of Best Film and Best Environmental Awareness awards from Bangkok Film Festival, is a Dutch co-production. Shot in the high Andes of Peru and Belgium with multi-national actors, the film tells the story of a small mining village contaminated by mercury seeping from the ground. The politics of the region are artistically conveyed using the beauty of the Andes Mountains and magic realism. Here and There (Winner, Best Film, Tribeca; Jury Award, Ft. Lauderdale; Best Director, Young Jury Award, FIPRESCI, Geneva) with acclaimed actress Mirjana Karanovic (Grbavica, Underground) is the story of a down and out New York musician (David Thornton) who accepts an offer he can't refuse from his friend, Bianco. He agrees to travel to Serbia to bring Bianco's girlfriend to the US but business gets confounded with pleasure. The result is a gentle comedy about cultural differences and mid-life romance. Roots project is a compilation of works by young ethnic Canadian filmmakers using cameras to discuss their diverse backgrounds. The selection represents the best of more than one hundred films received by CBC's Roots Challenge. These films will be screened during the Diaspora In Short program, in collaboration with Radio Canada International. Screening is Free. The closing film, Miscreants of Taliwood, was a hit at the Telluride Film Festival. This mockumentary transports the audience to the forbidden tribal belt of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier to reveal the underground film industry that persists under the nose of the Taliban. George Gittoes teams up with Pashto action and comedy stars to make an over-the-top action drama, played out in what must be one of film history's most bizarre locations-a cave or two away from the reputed hiding spot of Osama Bin Laden. Light of East: A Music Concert closes this edition of the festival. This instrumental band performs music from the Near and Middle East, including traditional, folk, classical, and modern urban music of the 20th century. The captivating rhythms and melodies will take the audience on a diverse musical journey. The Light of East Ensemble was nominated for the Jack Richardson Music Award and London Music Award in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The festival runs from 2 to 7 November 2010, at Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto M5S 1J5 (off St. George, one block south of Bloor, Subway St. George). Admission is $10/$8 students and seniors. A festival pass ($80) includes the closing concert. To reserve tickets please email (recommended) or call 416 571 2150. For complete film descriptions and schedule please visit our website -------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.One of my biggest regrets- not working with Augusto before his death.... THEATRE GAMES facilitated by: Naomi Tessler, M.A. Educational Theatre, N.Y.U. For an Evening of Laughter, an Evening of Pure Fun, Join us Wednesday, November 3rd 2010, & Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 Time: 7pm-9:30pm Location: Christie Studio, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie st. Cost: $25, Student Rate: $15 for students *sliding scale option available* And: An Introductory Workshop Series in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed Learn to use theatre as a tool for social change! Fall Series Dates: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 Time: 7pm-9:30pm Location: Christie Studio, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St. To Register and for more info, contact Naomi at: 416-910-4972 Cost: $110 for fall series, Individual Workshop: $40 Student Rate: $80 for fall series, Individual Workshop: $30 *sliding scale option available* ------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Latin-Afro South Asian Festival 05 November at 8:00 pm Gladstone Hotel Ballroom 1214 Queen Street West Toronto, ON The Gladstone Hotel is thrilled to be hosting the final night of the Latin-Afro South Asian Festival! Join us for a night of music, video and dance. LOTS of dance!!!! Presented by the Latino Canadian Cultural Association. Performers: Toronto Tabla Ensemble (South Asian Music) Red Slam (Hip Hop) MataDanze (Latin American-Canadian Contemporary Dance and Theater Collective) LAL (electronic) La Bomba and Amasonica Sound Force (Funk/Hip Hop) Cover $5 Latino Canadian Cultural Association: Festival Artistic Director: Alejandro Freeland Festival Administrative Director: Jacques Yamdjie South Asian Artists’ Coordinator: Rosina Kazi Thanks to the Ontario Arts council and the Toronto Arts Council. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4. “ART FOR PEACE IN OUR AMERICAS” First multi-disciplinary FESTIVAL BY “CASA MAIZ” November 5 & 6, 2010 Opening Ceremony: Friday, November 5th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Saturday, November 6th from 2:00 pm. to 10:00 pm. Trinity St. Paul Centre for Justice, Faith and the Arts. 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto. Bloor & Spadina FREE ADMISSION The artistic collectives that currently participate in Casa Maíz- Crisálida, Teatro Libre, Pinceles Latinos, Ojos del Alma, New Tradition Music, Voces Poéticas, Grupo de Danza Llajwas de Bolivia, Grupo de Danza Colombiana- are pleased to present the first multi-disciplinary festival “Art for Peace in our Americas”. Supported by the Toronto Arts Council and a number of Latin American organizations in Toronto, our festival is presented as an exhibition and appreciation of Latin American artists, while contributing to multiculturalism in Toronto. We will hold various art performances for two days including visual arts, music, dance, theatre, poetry, activities for children, youth, seniors, crafts and delicious Latin American foods. We invite you not to miss the artistic event of the year! This event seeks to promote our roots, traditions, crafts, art, culture, dreams, visions and joys as a contribution toward justice and peace in Latin America. Come and enjoy the greatness our culture and our contribution to the Canadian mosaic, all of this in just one event! ¡Les esperamos amigos! For more information: (416) 671-9130, or visit us at: ----------------------------------------------------- 5. The People's History of Toronto 08 November ·8:00 - 11:00 pm Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON Performances of the extraordinary history of ordinary people. Speeches, poems, letters, and songs from the social movements of Toronto presented by: Afua Cooper, Amai Kuda, Avvy Go, David Kidd, Gaetan Heroux, George Elliott Clarke, Guy Ewing, Karen Connelly, Marilo Nunez, Phil Cote, Richard Fung, Rosina Kazi, Tim Groves, Tine Edan, and Victoria Freeman. Plus cuban music from the Max Metrault Trio Hosted by CBC Radio's Garvia Bailey Tickets - Suggested Donation $5-$20 All proceeds to Parkdale Project Read For more info call Josh Bloch 416-562-0982, ---------------------------------------------------------------- 6. CALL OUT FOR QUEER & TRANS PERFORMERS: Disco burlesque! 10 November · 5:00 - 10:30 pm Granny Boots @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar 1214 Queen St. West Toronto, ON GET DOWN! GET FUNKY! Disco burrrlesque! This December 1, 2010 get ready for a special QUEER BURLESQUE themed Granny Boots that will surely warm to the cockles of your... heart. The theme is DISCO: think bell-bottom pants, jumpsuits, platform shoes, glorious divas, light-up dance floors, and pelvic thrusting to that non-stop disco beat. Yeah! Interested in performing? We want queer and trans performers who think they’re hot stuff.... Here what we’re looking for: - disco themed burlesque (i.e. disco music, disco clothes, sparkly, shiny costumes...) - performances that are in line with Granny Boots’ anti-oppressive mission - single acts, duos, group performances Please send an email to by November 10th, 2010 with the following information: 1. Name. 2. A rough description of song, theme, and costume ideas so far. 3. A bit about yourself and any performance experience. First-timers welcome! Can you dig it? Love your groovy organizers, Masti Khor, Olive-or-Oliver, and Lil’ Bean. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Queer in Toronto Gallery Showing Join us for our opening event on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at the Gladstone Gallery (second floor) from 7pm-10pm. The exhibit will run from November 5 until November 24, 2010, and will showcase the outcome of eight months of portrait photography and interviews with queer-identified women and trans folk. The Queer in Toronto project started with a conversation about queer space and representations of women in the queer community and now, with support from participants all over the GTA, the 519 Community Centre, and The Gladstone Hotel, we are proud to present the portraits and stories of over 100 women and trans people, who form the backbone of this work. Come to the opening on November 11 to check out the work, enjoy music, a silent auction, cash bar and the company of Toronto queers and allies! Don’t forget to contribute to our “Community Wall” at the gallery, a space where you are encouraged to write a message about what community means to you. One of the main objectives of the Queer in Toronto project has been to encourage discussions about community and ownership of space. The “Community Wall” provides the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the project by writing about their own lived experiences. For more information about the QiT project, see our website: Keep an eye out for the event listing on the Gladstone’s Events page: Thank you to all the participants who took the plunge and told us about your lives in the name of community. Come out and celebrate yourselves! ---------------------------------------------------------- 8. Line Art Auction 2010 10 November · 7:00 - 11:00 pm The Berkeley Heritage Event Venue 315 Queen St East Toronto, ON The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line proudly present Line Art Auction 2010 The Berkeley Heritage Event Venue will be the backdrop for the 11th Annual Line Art Auction, an evening of fabulous art, delicious cocktails and philanthropy. Our remarkable collection features over 40 works from both established and emerging artists. ... Alex Kislievich Anna Pantchev Barbara Astman Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay Chris Curreri Chris Ironside Dana Holst David Pellettier Derek Sullivan Dianne Davis Doug Guildford Ed Pein Gaye Jackson Graham Kennedy Kris Knight Maurice Vellekoop Melissa Doherty Micah Lexier Monica Alder Nicholas Pye Patrick DeCoste Rafel Ochoa Scott McEwen Stephen Andrews Suzy Lake and many more... Come out and join us, as your support will help us to continue to provide peer support and a sense of community to LGBT youth throughout Ontario Line Art Auction Wednesday November 10th Doors open: 7pm Live Auction 8-10pm *Venue is Wheelchair Accessible GUEST CURATOR: APRIL HICKOX AUCTIONEER: CHARLENE NERO Thank you to our fabulous sponsors: Xtra ( Barefoot Wines ( Steam Whistle Brewery ( Jak Creative ( Out TV ( fab magazine ( Out Adventures ( Gallery 44 ( ------------------------------------------------------ Okay, now lean back, push yourself away from your desk and leave your computer (quickly) and attend one of these events- I hope to see you there! Cheers, Michelle van Looy

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Women's Networking....... Anyone have any experince with this organization that they can share? They seem pretty bio-based and didn't really seem to address transwomen in any of their material that I viewed (I searched all their materials high and low). Please let me know, what you know;0) Cheers, Michelle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life lessons via vomit and eye popping headaches

I’m sitting in failure, my own as always. I would never judge anyone else to the extreme measures in which I judge myself. I seem to learn the most important issues when on my back, spinning with dizziness or with my head in a toilet. Yesterday was the latter. Please tell me I'm not the only one! The artisans and artists crafts sale was yesterday. The quality and work of the vendors was beyond incredible but the turn out was lack-luster to say the least. (N.B. to self- attracting amazing artists is a strong suit). I went over in my head where I had failed- I went over all I did to promote the event from over a hundred listings on the net to local papers, a PSA on CIUT,promotion online through a website and Face Book and all other the other bits and pieces. What could I have done better, how could I have worked harder…….I worked myself sick and tired there was no more work to be done… by me. My friend Caro has the great angle on "hard work" and the work ethic that we are handed down by family and our communities. TWWAN missed our place at YIMBY. As the vomit queen I had asked my dear friend Elvia who was going to hold down the fort at YIMBY to come and help me at the sale. That feels like the biggest mistake of the year. That was the piece of exposure TWANN truly needed. I left the sale for an hour to treat myself to the luxury of my our bathroom- no offence Tranzac…And returned at the end of the event to sit on a chair try to smile and try not to barf on my very practical shoes…… I need to learn my limits! I am one person, I am Michelle I am not a network. Two hands can only do so much! The piece I missed was the artist, the community and local business! Yes I can provide a space and events but I can’t guarantee a living wage just on my own nor can I do everything on my own. Am I really re-learning this freakin' lesson again? So I have to sit with this and contemplate, but after my first cup of coffee in four days and a bit of sleep, I think there needs to be at least fivepieces implemented. 1) A call for volunteers and members- move it beyond me, I feel embarrassed saying this it’s so obvious but I need help. I’ve put the call out but not in any real way. 2)A large scale awareness of TWWAN. Christene Pensa an amazing printer from yesterday had a great low cost (no more money can be spent) idea, a flash mob craft sale! Brilliant! She made me realise that I need to take it to the streets and some stunts and media are essential right now. 3) Responsibility of the artists and artisans involved- and the funny thing is, is that this is my responsibility at first to educate folks on how to promote their work and clear requests and guidelines on what is needed from them to help support TWWAN and themselves. This is the piece that has been missing! 4)Partnering- we have succeeding with partners in the past and this time went it alone, our costs were toooo high and we were flying solo. By we, I mean me. Also to create a structure where the artists can also partner with organizations that they support, work with or would like to raise awareness. oh and finally 5) A move beyond competition into networking and sisterhood. Competition is a capitalist concept and is pretty much the death of the seeds of a community. Why do we look at women with similar work as competition rather than opportunities for collaboration or collective work? Note to self- add dismantling of capitolism to Monday's to do list. This is as far as I have gotten this morning but I think it’s solid and headed in the right direction…… Time to meet with the board of directors and my business mentors and you the community and get this off the ground. I promise to keep you tuned in! More details sooon! Michelle

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a funny thing happened on the way to the insurance office....

Okay I so don't have time to be blogging but I had to share these questions in my applications for insurance.... Will the event have live animals will petting of those animals take place will there specifically be live horses at the event will there be fireworks at the event is a parade part of your event LOL okay maybe only I find it funny.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Covering my ass

Hmm I think covering my ass may have been a previous blog title? 5 days till our biggest day to date- a brunch, a huge artists and artisans sale (commonly referred to as a craft sale;0), the launch of the Angel Investors- selling images of area angels for donations (see to the left for an example) and a place at YIMBY- Which stands for Yes In My Back Yard! How could I resist? This is the first time I'll have employees, I'm freaked out.... They are friends I love so it's even harder as I want to pay them what they are worth and appreciate them through cash expressions! Some much coming in but so much going out at the same time. As a non spender all this cash is making me nauseous. I'm hoping the worst case scenario is break even. My sweetest, hard ass, from a giant family, used to be an investment banker turned dancer, who could freakin well turn into any amazing thing at any moment (best to stand back folks!) friend is manging the money and doing such an incredible job of keeping it all realistic and on track. What an amazing balance to my flitting, non linear self, hell ya I'm aware! Balance- I just hope the heels of her running shoes aren't worn out by weeks end from putting on the breaks and keeping me in line. I can't imagine doing this without my amazing supports. Good, no great friends know me, really know me, my strengths and weaknesses and care to work with them and let's face it around, over and through them! The work women do constantly amazes me!My friends constantly amaze me! I'm worried I might get too busy to thank my dearest friend Di so I'll do it now.... Thank you for taking a risk on me;0) I am graced and honored. Big sloppy thanks to Elvia as well who will be the rep at YIMBY. It's so amazing that, that is so off my radar I am so unconcerned having Elvia out representing (oh goodness hope you could follow that thought!). I hope others see her and her amazing power. Elvia will take over the world some day- just wait;0) Actually she's working at it right now! Not sure if I'll get to check in before Saturday. If you can't attend, at around 12:05 on Saturday if you could duc and cover for a few minutes I would appreciate it!LOL. It's not worry, it's fun,right? Michelle

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This event is also free! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear friends of the Neighbourhood Arts Network, As we move into October, don't forget to save the dates: we have two very special events coming up on October 14th and November 18th! Read on for more details... October 14: Arts Advocacy Discussion The Neighbourhood Arts Network is pleased to invite you to a panel on Advocating for Community-Engaged Arts. Guest panelists include Robin Pacific (artist/Co-founder of Art Starts) Andrew Suri (Toronto Arts Council), Sabra Ripley (bgirl/Beautiful City Billboard Alliance Ringleader), and Nadira Pattison, (City of Toronto Arts Services). Join us on October 14th from 12pm-2pm and help shape the discussion around advocacy for community-engaged arts. This is a FREE event - please register by contacting or 416.392.6802 x212. November 18: Che Kothari Che Kothari is a Community Cultural Instigator and driving force behind Toronto's massively succesful Manifesto Festival. In addition to his work with Manifesto, Che is a freelance photographer, co-director of High Top Studios, managing director of, and a founding member of the Canadian Youth Arts Network. Che is determined to make a difference in his community in hopes that emerging artists will share and follow his lead. On November 18th, Che will be sharing his thoughts on Building a Movement for Social Change. This FREE event is taking place at 793 Pharmacy, a potential new arts hub in Scarborough. Proudly presented by the Neighbourhood Arts Network and City of Toronto Arts Services. Registration opens October 12; please contact or call 416.392.6802 x212 to register for free. to Arts Council 141 Bathurst Street Toronto, Ontario M5V 2R2 Contact Us (416) 392-6802 x212


City emerging/C: mini conference for emerging artists Time Thursday, October 14 at 3:00pm - October 15 at 7:30pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Theatre Direct's Wychwood Theatre 601 Christie St Toronto, ON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created By b current -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Info The b current rAiz'n Ensemble presents.. City emerging/C : a mini-conference for emerging artists Two days of workshops and networking opportunities for the emerging artist. Register by Friday October 8th to attend for FREE. ...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THURS OCTOBER 14, 3:00-7:30PM Visioning and Career- Acquire empowering tools for self-driven career creation. With Tanya Pillay. The Business of Living as a Full-Time Artist- Presented in collaboration with Aluna Theatre, Quip Take and WhyNot Theatre. With Beatriz Pizano, Adam Lazarus and Ravi Jain. Actor Training Mixer- Share experiences about actor training workshops in the city. With Marika Schwandt. FRI OCTOBER 15, 1:00-7:30PM How to Self-Promote- With Carla Albi, Lauren Brotman Grinhaus, Aviva Armour-Ostroff. Crossing Over: Producing your own work from Theatre to Television- With Ngozi Paul. Let's Talk Production!- Advice from established industry professionals Trevor Schwellnus and Thomas Payne. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO REGISTER FOR FREE before OCT 8: EMAIL or TELEPHONE 416.533.1500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 416.533.1500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Registrants are also invited to PWYC to see the rAiz'n Ensemble in RADIANCE at Theatre Direct's Wychwood Theatre, 8PM OCT 12-15.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P.s. Pay Pal I hate you!

This piece of clip art is my life! ((((((Dramatic music here)))) Okay so I'm a grown up business woman and this is just a bump, I need to be professional, but I just want to stomp my feet, slam the cupboard doors, swear, curse and cuss and give people on the subway dirty looks for no reason. But the simple setting up process that is to be friendly has been a super pain in the tucas. I would advise to give 3-4 weeks to set up a pal pay account for a non-profit if you hope to use it for an event, plan very far ahead. It has been harder than setting up a bank account which was a lovely experience at Alterna Credit Union- shout out to Joanna! Heyy grrl! Pay Pal You have neither been my pal nor have you been my pay..... two weeks and the frustration of not having access to my account is beyond unbelievable! The communication is very poor and the stock response of please wait 24-72 hours has been used so many times, usually in response to not receiving a reply........... so you're getting where I'm coming from right? This is bad business and I am not sure what to do, STUCK, STUCK, STUCK can't close the account, can't access the funds in the account, can't let folks know I have received their payment or send an invoice, can't move the funds, can't can't can't....... Waiting for COMPLIANCE(seriously the name of the department)..... I have never been one to comply, maybe that's my problem? Held up by "Limitations & Restrictions"(again, seriously the name of the department) , anyone want to be my "aggressively collecting our funds" department? Or "the department of women rescueing their funds from beaucrats", or the department of $%$£ *(&^ %!" $&!"£"....... you name it and I can create it, that's one thing I have control over....... LOL.

P.s. Pay pal I hate you- (((((((((( stomping away)))))))))))